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    Both pink and blue frames are powder coated. Our descriptions were just updated to reflect: https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Masks/A3009-BL-TN_Wilson-MLB-Sky-Blue-Dyna-Lite-Steel-Umpire-Mask-with-Sky-Blue-and-Tan https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Masks/A3009-PK-TN_Wilson-MLB-Pink-Dyna-Lite-Steel-Umpire-Mask-with-Pink-and-Tan The specialty Camo and USA/Stars & Stripes frames are wrapped. Stay tuned from us for more on those masks.
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    I think the pot is calling the kettle obtuse. Two runners can not occupy a base but until the defense does something about it the umpire should do nothing.
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    If you like the micro fiber covering the All Star LUC pads are like Goldilocks said. Just right. IMO they are not too hard (TW) and not too soft (Wilson). The All Star also seem to be less affected by the temps.
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    There is a workaround where you can see your test again before NCAA closes it. I know this because I didn’t get a 100. RTFQ. They will email you your score and question #s missed. With chrome browser go to history and search for NCAA. Among the results you can see the test page. Click on it and you will see your test and check the questions that you missed. You will have to surmise the correct answer but it probably will be obvious
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    I think so - I think the moment R1 dives back OBS has occurred - I agree with the wording above from Hopkins - if the runner reacts to the verbal decoy OBS has occurred. I don't dismiss the statement that it must "affect the play" - I'm just giving it a broad interpretation. However, if you were to get a little narrower or stricter on "affect the play" I would still argue that #2 is indeed OBS, following your previous thoughts about hindering a possible SB attempt. One could surmise that R1 might have also attempted to go to second on the pickoff to third. The verbal decoy, and R1's reaction to it, eliminated any other possible scenario - it did alter the play, even if it didn't necessarily put R1 at a disadvantage. In any respect, I'm giving a high benefit of the doubt to the offense, and very little rope to the defense.
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    Sounds like a question from the NCAA test. The NCAA answer is in 7-11-v. Let us know if that doesn't help.
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    Again, you are arguing the wrong point. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of examples of two runners standing on the same base in the video archives of MLB. And not a single one of them resulted in an "automatic" out, nor the umpire doing anything or instructing anything to get one of them off the base...The runners stay until they get tagged...or one of them gets chased to a different base. Nothing happens to those runners until the defense does something about it. Nothing. This is true in every rule set in baseball and softball. Exception noted below. The issue, and question, is whether or not one of those runners would be required to return to the previous base prior to a pitch being thrown (ie. is the umpire required to intervene). In short, would the matter of two runners standing on the same base have to be resolved before a pitch can be thrown? The answer: unless the ball is dead, there is no requirement in rule sets that allow lead offs. (and the OP was FED) In OBR, FED, NCAA and any rule set that allows lead offs, while the ball is live two runners may stand on the same base for as long as they damn well please OR until the defense does something about it. The only time an umpire would intervene is if the ball died, at which point the following runner would have to return to (or near) their entitled base. At which point, they could once again take a lead off and extend it as far as the preceding runner. Exception: Softball, and LL, and, by extension, any rule set that forbids lead offs would explicitly forbid two players from occupying the same base at TOP. However, the important note here is you can't be off your base at all at TOP (or, in some cases, when the pitcher has the ball and is ready to pitch). Two runners being on the same base is a very secondary, and irrelevant scenario - if you're off your base at TOP it doesn't matter how far off. The only question in those rule sets is whether or not the runner is "out" or simply "sent back". As far as I know, in LL baseball you're sent back. In softball (including LL and FED softball) you're out. Otherwise, in these rule sets, the same standard applies to two runners being on the same base - they can stand on the same base until the defense does something about it (the only difference is in these rule sets "doing something about it" includes "throwing a pitch"). Edit: On some further reflection I think the issue of R2 and R3 both being on the base seems to have muddied the waters a bit. In the end, it's irrelevant, except to the extent of who's in jeopardy to be put out. If R3 took a three step leadoff, and R2 took a two step leadoff - putting them both between third and home, and now neither of them occupying any base - I think that results in the same answer - in baseball, it's just R3 with a five foot leadoff from third and R2 with a 93 foot leadoff from second, and it's up to the defense to do something about it...or pitch if they want.
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    Thank you @wolfe_man. We love what we do and are happy to do it.
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    Thanks Jim. You guys are the best. I appreciate the response and more importantly, the desire to provide great service to your customers!
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    Kind of bummed to see no video questions this year; always liked those.
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    Verbal communication is key once the ball is in the field. Here are a few that any umpire should know and use: "I'm at third if he comes, Dan" and the "I'm at third, Dan" when he does come "Catch, Dan" and "Down, Dan" on fly balls to the outfield "I'm staying home, Dan" on those deep shots "I'm on the line, Dan" when you can't rotate "I'm going out, Dan" when you see trouble while in A Like Thatsnotyou, I used to be skittish about talking to my partner, fearing it will confuse the players. As I grew, though, I realized that they had a completely different way of speaking to each other and they were too involved in doing what they needed to even process what Dan and I were saying.
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    I know, I know! No ... we typically do a certain kind of camo shirt .......
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    Makes sense. Personally I would prefer that someone come at me with a price. Which is what happened in my situation. I had to respond back with "what are you looking to pay for it?" and then working the negotiations from there. Like you said Keith. Just a personal preference.
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    But some are afraid to offer as they don't want to offend or be accused of low-balling. What we have here is a difference in philosophy. Each has a right to their opinion on this. I'm just of a different opinion than some it appears.
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    We lost that flexibility in So Cal... we can wear 2 shirts: Black with the white pin stripe down the flanks, or the blue with the black pin stripe. We can also wear a shell if desired, provided it is the proper one. Starting this season, we must also wear a CIF logoed hat. Gone are the days of us matching in pretty much anything we wanted to wear.
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