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    You're pointing where you are going...
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    That is exactly what I was thinking. If you want to play the game (of being stupid), you have to know the rules. But let's be serious... you walked the bases loaded, and let's assume this scenario is still going on, which let's face it, is NEVER going to continue... Now they walk another batter... you think the OHC, or the 3rd base coach which is standing right next to the base is not going to motivate his R3 who should be scoring to move? That kid, if he refused, would be running fences until next December.
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    Virginny - you put ketchup on scrambled eggs...... Texas - you use salsa
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    Nah.....somebody passed somebody.
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    man.............looking at @wolfe_man listing all of these separate...........I keep waiting for........
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    As a new umpire starting my first year in High School baseball this podcast is a great tool to understanding rules and situations as well as helpful tips. I've encouraged other new guys in my chapter to listen as well. Thank you for doing it. It's a great listen.
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