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    @MadMax does the cold play a factor in the performance of the TW pads? (I mean you always have some cool insight on topics like this)
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    I purposely never respond to "best offer" or "PM me". Just put a price on your gear. (someone help me down from my soapbox, my knees hurt)
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    Just as the Suggested Speed-Up Rules for courtesy runners are found in the back of the rule book, the case book plays for courtesy runners can be found in the back of the NFHS Case Book. Also, keep in mind that each state association can adopt any, all, or any part of the suggested speed-up rules. Here are three case plays to illustrate the rules. CR 1 SITUATION: Team A’s courtesy runner runs for F1 and later in that same half-inning runs for F2. RULING: The courtesy runner can run for one or the other, but not both. This is an illegal substitution and shall result in the courtesy runner being declared out and restricted to the bench/dugout. CR 6 SITUATION: McCormick is a courtesy runner for F2 in the first inning. He then is a courtesy runner for F1 in the sixth inning. RULING: Illegal. The same player cannot be a courtesy runner for both positions. The illegal substitute is declared out and restricted to the bench/dugout. CR 14 SITUATION: Cook is a courtesy runner for the pitcher. He then pinch hits for the uninjured shortstop in the same half-inning. RULING: Cook is an illegal substitute and is declared out. He is restricted to the dugout for the remainder of the game. If he had previously been restricted to the dugout, he is out and ejected.
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    Suggested Speed-Up Rules - Courtesy Runners - Rule 7: A player who violates the courtesy-runner rule is considered to be an illegal substitute. There are many ways to violate the rule. Using the same person for the pitcher and catcher (Rule 2) Having already participated in the game (Rule 4) Being used a substitute in the same half inning you were a courtesy runner (Rule 5)
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    Brand New Black Honig's Plate Coat, size 50R that has only been used once to try on for fitting. Great item! $400 Paypal, shipped. Any questions, email me: curtiscglace@gmail.com
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    If you like the micro fiber covering the All Star LUC pads are like Goldilocks said. Just right. IMO they are not too hard (TW) and not too soft (Wilson). The All Star also seem to be less affected by the temps.
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    $475 with an updated harness. $54 each $61, depending on the size and version $44 See, that was easy
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    Same here with my Diamond BL. Original pads in the Spring. TWs in the summer.
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    Not necessarily. It's a "supply and demand, market bearing" world in many things. What's a WV XL Gold with TW Retro fit (worn 3 times) in MINT condition worth? Or Honig's ORIGINAL PS1 & PS2 Plate & Base Charcoal Gray pants size 44 W , approx. 33 1/3 L with addition hem inside. All Professionally Dry Cleaned and Professionally hemmed? NEW Majestic Convertible Jackets? NEW Wilson wrap around Doe Skin mask pads? It's all subjective :-)
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    I'm using Wilson wrap around pads for my early college schedule... then back to my TW pads
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    LOL You don't like competing in blind auctions?
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    Yes, very common issue. They'll warm up after a few innings against your face. Or some keep them in the vehicle with them where their heater can help warm them up. My personal opinion, I use leather for HS ball and then switch to fabric options like TW when it is warmer (or possibly a day game).
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    $1,000! This guy fell and bumped his head!
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    I didnt care. Even when I lived in California I wanted one.
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