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    FIFY. You missed a word that... well... changes the meaning.
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    The sun visor keeps the sun off the bill of your hat, thus keeping you a bit cooler. Some may wave this off is silly, but I've switched masks during a game, when the sun was at my 11 o'clock, and felt the difference. If some want to paint it, as it might be bit distracting to those in the field. so what? I mean, most are quite shiny. Now, will that counteract some of the cooling qualities? Perhaps.
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    If any of you fellow gear junkies are wondering where I and my comments are on this... I'm over here, sitting in the corner, rubbing my temples and humming "take me out to the ballgame..." And yes, @JDavis225, most of the visors are just simple brown or grey. The visors from Markwort are available in what they call Silver, which is mirrored, and then the lens color is dark grey, while the other option is what they call Rainbow, which is mirrored again, but the lens color is very blue.
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    Group Position Date & Time Sport & Level Site Home Away Fees Status Accept Decline 107584 R1 11/10/2018 Sat 3:00 PM Volleyball, State Finals William Paterson University, Rec Center TBA TBA $75.00 Accepted on 10/28/2018 State Finals for volleyball! Second go round for me. This time I am sure that I will not be as edgy as I was last time. Can't wait for the match. It is a real joy having the best seat in the house to watch two really talented teams go at it. I will try to not suck. But, as I say to SWMBO, I can't make any promises
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    Wendelstedt, although an excellent resource, is NOT an official interpretation of OBR. The PBUC manual and MLBUM are the only "official" interpretations.
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