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    Group Position Date & Time Sport & Level Site Home Away Fees Status Accept Decline 107584 R1 11/10/2018 Sat 3:00 PM Volleyball, State Finals William Paterson University, Rec Center TBA TBA $75.00 Accepted on 10/28/2018 State Finals for volleyball! Second go round for me. This time I am sure that I will not be as edgy as I was last time. Can't wait for the match. It is a real joy having the best seat in the house to watch two really talented teams go at it. I will try to not suck. But, as I say to SWMBO, I can't make any promises
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    More for looks? That's my guess.
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    Now the downside is that you have a random TW bottom pad.
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    A Team Wendy upper pad works great in the All Star Mag. In fact, the Team Wendy upper pad is actually a little bit denser and thicker than the stock pad and creates just a little bit more standoff distance at the top, making it easier to take the mask on and off while wearing a 6 stitch cap
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    Hmmmm..... that conversation sounds familiar.
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    The explanation was wrong because the umpire said "A RHP can't . . "
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    Their final class was in 2017, so for all intensive purposes no, as that was defunct/out of business when I formulated plans for UPC. However, the only similarity we have is the Northwoods League has an exclusive contract for procurement with us, as our course is the only place for umpires to get into the league. Our core instructors and staff are different, as we have staff who are active instructors at both umpire schools. Our training methods are improved, and what we offer for a total student experience is also different and improved. We offer exceptional value for the umpires attending. With all due respect to the staff and anyone associated with the camp you mention, I felt when the Umpire Placement Course was founded, a fresh start would be needed. The Northwoods League, and the steps the league and I have taken, are committed to having the best umpires work, as well as improving certain areas of concern for the umpires. We aren’t just another option. We’re committed to your goals, reasonably and competitively priced, and seeking umpires that desire advanced training methods and options for placement into leagues. We are here to help graduates of the Wendelstedt Umpire School, MiLB Umpire Training Academy, Collegiate Umpires, and others who want to further there careers.
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    From the 2013 Wendelstedt Rules and Interpretations Manual (section 6.3, p. 102): It is a balk if…The pitcher, while touching the plate, makes a motion naturally associated with his pitch, and fails to complete his delivery… The pitcher suspends his foot in the air (he stopped his delivery) in an attempt to hold a runner. Play 132: R1, no outs, no count. The left-handed pitcher, after coming stopped in the set position, raises his non-pivot foot off the ground and suspends it in the air, freezing R1. He then steps and throws to first base in an attempt to pick-off R1. Ruling: This is a balk. From the 2017 Jaksa/Roder The Rules of Professional Baseball (chapter 18, p. 144): It is a balk if…A pitcher who is in-contact…hesitates in or interrupts his motion to join hands, pitch, throw, or disengage. Example: R1. A left-handed pitcher lifts his free foot and suspends it, unmoving, for a split second before proceeding in his motion to throw: hesitation, balk.

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