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    warnings are only as good as the person listening to them
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    Hi all...I have the following and prices are negotiable. Cleaning the closet. I will post pics ASAP. Please PM me any questions or requests for other/more pics. Thanks 1. Nike Ti frame powder coated by Maskit Sports Matte Black. No dents, perfect shape. $275 shipped. $250 Shipped 2. All Star Silver FM4000Mag. Used about 20 games. Includes black LUC pads. No flaws, great great condition, comes with new All Star catcher's harness. $190 shipped. 3. Champro silver magnesium Rampage frame. Used 25 times, great shape, no dents, comes with original/new Champro harness. $85 shipped. $70 Shipped 4. Wilson Ti Frame original standard profile. Perfect condition, no flaws. Used for one season. These are hard to find. $125 shipped. 5. Black TW pads. Used less than 5 times. Perfect shape. $30 shipped. $25 Shipped 6. Wilson steel Dyna Lite with Black/Tan pads. Used maybe 15 times. Gold W removed from pads. Great condition, no dents. $45 shipped. $35 Shipped 7. All Star Delta Flex harness. Never used, brand new. $25 shipped. 8. Wilson Tan Doe Skin Wrap around pads. New. $23 shipped. 9. Force 3 Shin Guards. 18.5 inches, in great condition. No rips or tears, cleaned and febrezed after every game. Worn no more than 50 times. $80 shipped. $70 SHIPPED
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    I've gotten a few emails/messages the past few months who have noticed my absence and even recently through hurricane Florence. I am fine, actually I'm doing pretty damn well In February I started a new job, which I love to death, but it is extremely time consuming straight through virtually the entirety of baseball season. I am a Director of a water park near my home. It is an absolute blast! But as I said things start picking up here in April and run straight through September. I generally work 6/12 hr days and at peak times even more. The trade-off is October through March things run at a different pace. This year I worked 3 D-II games (Would have had a lot more but we had a lot of rain) And 3 HS Games. (Same story with the rain...) So there wasn't a lot of baseball for me this past season. I'm going to attempt to do more in 2019. As for hurricane Florence, I'm in Northeast NC. So it was a non-event for us. We have had a few flooding issues in the area as the rains make it downstream to the coast here, but when it made landfall we maybe got an inch of rain and a few high wind gusts. But I was very lucky, some earlier models had it initially making landfall not too far from here and we would be in the same situation our friends in the Wilmington area are going through now. I do thank those who reached out to me with their concern. I have some plans for the site (as I always do) but the difference is coming up shortly I will have the time to actually follow through. SO stay tuned.
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    Be sure to follow MiLB Umpire Academy on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/milbumpireacademy/). They are posting 30 Facts about the academy over the next 30 ...err 27 days (I'm a bit late) If you're on the fence about attending there will be some great posts to help you make up your mind.
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    Had a buddy end up on his can once after fastball to mask...........Another buddy sent him a message and said, you should have jumped up, pointed and yelled "FIRST DOWN!" Maybe you could have incorporated a "Frank Drebin" type of dance afterwards.
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    I am not lying about any part of this. I wish there was video. Pretty high up Midwest Babe Ruth guy runs this complex, saw it happen and called me safe twice. I know I'm not doing this justice in describing how hilarious I had to have looked.
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    It would be nice if MLB revised the rule to include "any" in the appropriate spots in the fair definition and "all of" in the appropriate spots in the foul definition. But CCS implies that they did not want to go thru a rule change and only clarified a "settled" ball in exactly the opposite way most of us thought it was called, including Jim Evans. What does J-R say about a ball settled on foul territory with some of it, let's say a portion less than half, over fair territory?
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    Thinking of buying a cheap mask and practicing on it before moving to a $300 mask.
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    I have given that some thought. I may add it in the off-season. Thanks
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    If anyone should need "nagging reinforcement", please feel free to PM me your phone # and exactly what time each day you would like for me to have SWMBO call or text and tell you to get your fat @$$ off of the couch and exercise. She's pretty good at it already, so I just thought I'd offer.

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