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    Keep it, best WV out there!
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    @Majordave Take that left shoe to a Redwings dealer or boot store, ask if they will stretch it, or hit the ole Amazon and buy this one. https://www.amazon.com/APIKA-Shoe-Stretcher-Natural-Unisex/dp/B06XJQQKR2/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1536955112&sr=8-3&keywords=unisex+shoe+stretcher This should give you alittle extra room in the left shoe.
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    Honestly, (although I will NEVER sell mine) I’d say it’s worth what a buyer is willing to pay to get one. Nike Ti’s are somewhat readily available, albeit at a very high premium price. The shovel isn’t available, and very rare. Personally if I had to pay for one, and really had to have one, I’d spend no more than $200-$250.
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    ask @jwclubbie ...he'll let you know what the market is showing
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    Bear in mind you may be able to write off some of the cost on your taxes. Find a friendly accountant if you don't have one and ask to bend his/her ear for a few minutes.
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    I wouldn’t say that persay. I think I showed that I was willing to work at the flaws that were pointed out to me last year. I’m just grateful for the opportunity to have the opportunity to possibly advance my career. Nothing is set in stone because I could totally mess the bed in two weeks but the whole point is I have to keep grinding. Again not saying I got a job, but it is much easier to get a job than it is to keep a job in college baseball, especially on a conference staff.
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    If you guys are following on the Facebook group, there are photos of Steve standing sans neck brace and sans walker!
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    With some good old fashioned ingenuity, some web belting (2) with the male/female buckles attached, sharp knife/scissors to cut the web belts, a lighter to burn the end of the webbing I cut, an awl to poke holes in the web belts, four ¼” black Chicago screws to fasten the strap through the T-Hook connector holes already on the front of the protector. A friend to help adjust, some trial and error and about two hours total of fooling with it. I did two CP’s. This one and my Baby sized WV. Cost about $10-12 bucks total for four belts from amazon and a small bag of 24 or so Chicago screws.
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    Sorry, but that's just another myth. The correct rule is
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    That looks like a 122. The 121s ear bars are much bigger
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    Agree. It has the flexible t-hook option also. The sides flex with a wing, unlike newer Douglas models with t-hooks which are one large plate with t-hook holes. This should offer a much better fit.
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    I’m debating getting pads redone and keeping this one lol.
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    In two weeks I predict a post "15" WV Douglas for sale." Lol
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    I just swooped this up. Thanks for posting!
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    Field of Dreams: Ty Cobb wanted to play here but we couldn't stand him while we were alive so we told him to stick it!
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    If anyone should need "nagging reinforcement", please feel free to PM me your phone # and exactly what time each day you would like for me to have SWMBO call or text and tell you to get your fat @$$ off of the couch and exercise. She's pretty good at it already, so I just thought I'd offer.
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    The DISH: Who IS Ump-Attire.com? (Debut episode) View the full article
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    It does really come down to where you live and what you want. Give a little bit more detail and we can guide you a bit better. If you're on the west coast PM me.
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    If it's worth your time and energy to try to keep him, you might explain that cultural norms in SC are different from those where he lived previously, and if he wants to continue umpiring for you, he has to accept that expectations are different.
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    I PM'd you an example / resource of who "they" are...
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    Always played outside as a kid. We had the proverbial sandlot diagonally across the street from my house, always full of kids playing something. When I mis-behaved my punishment was my mother sat me on a chair in front of our living room window and I would have to watch all the other kids playing outside. Not being allowed to play outside with my friends was worse than any spanking (yes, there were spankings back then!).
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    I just got my new unifoms for this week...
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    If you go last... you better be perfect. That’s why I go first.
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    ...and keeps me from losing my mind when guys are grabassing in line and then make the same mistakes we addressed 15 minutes ago. #learninline
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    ok, just wanted to make sure your wiener wasn't ruffled...... wait....what?
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    I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been made the chief instructor of the Metrolina Umpire Camp's High School Camp. I hope some of you in the southeast can attend. http://www.refconnect.com/copy-of-metrolinacampobservers
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    Back from the dead with an update... I'm now at 260lbs... Camp is in 1 month.
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