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    If anyone should need "nagging reinforcement", please feel free to PM me your phone # and exactly what time each day you would like for me to have SWMBO call or text and tell you to get your fat @$$ off of the couch and exercise. She's pretty good at it already, so I just thought I'd offer.
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    Would it be possible to get a health and fitness forum? With the focus on umpires being more fit and trim, especially at the upper levels, I think it would be a great idea to share work outs, diets, stretching routines, etc.
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    The Class-A Short Season Eugene Emeralds won the 2018 Northwest League Championship Series on a walk-off balk against Spokane, the team's second title since 2016. Ems won a championship on a walk-off balk.For the crew of HP Umpire Ray Patchen, 1B Umpire Jeff Hamann, 2B Umpire Emma... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
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    Champro Magnesium (old style) for $35 + shipping... good deal here. Guy thinks its aluminum, but is the mag model. It's a little rough scratched up to being used by a catcher, but there are shops that can powder-coat magnesium contrary to popular opinion. Mag wheels are PC'd often, so there are shops who can do PC on magnesium masks, just Tony isn't set up for it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Champro-Pro-Plus-Aluminum-Lightweight-FACE-MASK-SHIELD-UMPIRE-GEAR/202433982000?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
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    The DISH: Who IS Ump-Attire.com? (Debut episode) View the full article
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    9/11, Toronto - Boston, top 6 with R3, catcher muffs pitch in the dirt and while catcher is chasing it PU, Jim Wolf, getting out of his way kicks ball and calls time, stopping R3 from advancing. R3 was holding until the kick. No protest, no problem, except for next time when you keep ball live.
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    It does really come down to where you live and what you want. Give a little bit more detail and we can guide you a bit better. If you're on the west coast PM me.
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    Leave it to Prager to re-normalize white supremacy.
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    Your picture came out so much clearer than mine! I also thought of going with the headline "Kicked the Ball or the Call?"
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    that joke is as old as dirt...
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    So, I’ve worn the plate shoes three times so far. All on turf with high quality catchers and have avoided being stepped on and scuffs. They are great. Only complaint is that the skin along my left outer metatarsal bone gets a bit pinched after a few innings. I think it’s because my left foot is a small bit wider now due to the plate and screws and pins implanted in the ankle and fibula bone of my leg from my epic mountain biking fail in 2016. Other shoes fit a little tighter on my left foot too. They just don’t cause as much pinching. It’s okay. They are light, responsive, very sprIngy/padded in the sole and ankle and tongue and look fantastic while worn. Just the right amount of shine with zero effort. Well worth the extra bucks in my opinion. Hopefully, if I ever need anymore plate shoes in the future and nothing better comes along these style Mizuno shoes will still be available.
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    This web site is here to discuss baseball situations. I don't know what game the offense is playing in this situation, but it ain''t baseball. Coaches that teach these tactics prove that caning should be returned to our justice system ... and added to all youth sports rules to discourage such behavior. The question shouldn't be, did the umpire properly call TIME. The question should be who the FAQ thought it was a good idea to allow this coach anywhere near their kids.
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    Agreed. And, the more experienced the players and the more relaxed the game, the more likely I am to use the "Wendelstadt Interp" posted above (and, sometimes, you need to know the teams as well). It's an example (assuming the OP is something like 12U) where using a pro-mechanic / game management technique is NOT appropriate for younger players.
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    I thought that might be the case since we just had the meeting on Sunday. I sent you a pm. I have been in the group for 2 years. Good luck and don't suck. It is a great group to be a part of.
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    I love working Legion; especially now that they've gone to seven innings. I'm a traditionalist. I like working OBR (with only a few modifications...such as the NCAA force play slide rule and collision rule). And they treat you like a king at the World Series. There isn't an MLB umpire locker room that has a bigger spread than what the provide us!
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    Thanks @Majordave for the review of the plate shoes. Finally broke down and bought a pair of 8 1/2 plate shoes. As I have wide feet, I did not go down a size. So has first class customer service. Between the shoes and my bulky Samurai G3 shins, I feel impenetrable. Need to save for the shins that So sells. Living in the Canadian side of the Pacific Northwest, did not have to wait long for the shipment. I think I am becoming a Mizuno junky. Both shoes, socks, shins, shorts, belts, indicator, back up lineup card holder, back up mask with tg have the roadrunner on it. (well that is what it looks like). Might have to do another order for some undershirts, but that is another day.
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    Got all my stuff except for the Belgard pads. I ordered the plate shoes and got them today. They are fantastic and I really like the look of them versus my New Balance. The five tower socks are kinda cool, worn them a couple of games now and I like them. The SSK ball bag has now replaced my old DryLo bag for sure. Put that with the sweet patent leather belt and it is pretty nice. I almost pulled the trigger and bought the SSK shin guards, they are lighter than the Force 3, according to the website. I went with the Force 3 to replace my platinums that are a little too heavy now. Anyone thinking about using this site I can’t recommend it enough. High quality stuff!!
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    Wow, this guy is super responsive! I've been emailing him over some gear and I can say he's been the absolute best about being willing to do extra work to help me find see if gear will work for me before I blow any more cash. I'm glad I took the time to scroll through threads while I'm in town, thanks for posting this. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk

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