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    You know that wasn't even on our radar. Will add to the consider list. Some are different sizes due to different elastic thickness and/or widths....so that could make things more complicated. Will add to the "Research/consider" list. Thanks for your question.
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    Coach loses his SH*# and wants interference called on the grounds crew for placing the mound in that exact location...and then tells F5 he is an idiot letting it all happen. Since his son is F1, coach blames F5 for everything, including the fact that F1 walked the bases loaded. Also, logs into to GameChanger that night and edits the play to reflect E5 to ensure that his son's ERA isn't impacted. Coach and son spend the remainder of the season telling everyone how the ump screwed them over. And that's the way it is.
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    Stripes--One of the funniest "half" movies of all time. Just turn it off after they graduate basic training.
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    Woody Allen is a creepy weirdo and has nothing to do with Mel Brooks, who is a comic genius.
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    UPDATE: Guys, ...thoses are Honigs black leather pads in a titanium frame Your welcome!
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    When does the game start? The answer is in the rules: 5.01 Starting the Game (“Play Ball!”) (a) At the time set for beginning the game the players of the home team shall take their defensive positions, the first batter of the visiting team shall take his position in the batter’s box, the umpire-in-chief shall call “Play,” and the game shall start.
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    We have to understand the context here, @beerguy55. This is a USSSA 14U game, and while I would tend to agree with you, and the sentiment of, “It's only a 14U non-HS-sanctioned game, what difference does it really make?”, there is a precedent and protocol to follow. First, USSSA makes a big stink about doing OBR (modified to their suit) and tracking pitch/inning counts and score. So, within that, according to OBR, it’s an official game underway upon acceptance of the lineup card(s) by the Umpire. Thus, as soon as the plate meeting is over, it’s an official game, under OBR. Second, USSSA (at least out here in AZ) makes a point of the Umpire maintaining a uniform, standardized card keeping track of start time, score, substitutes, and innings pitched. These innings pitched determines pitching eligibility of a player later in the day or the tournament, so it’s been reinforced to us (umpires) to track and report it accurately. Some teams, outmatched by a particular pitcher, reshape their strategy and pin their hopes on the assurance that that pitcher can only go 1, or 2, or 3 more innings, and they are keen to any slip-ups by an opposing coach that would force or prompt the removal of that pitcher early. I’ve had to impose a forfeit because a now-ineligible pitcher (on innings pitched) went back out to the mound and got four pitches deep into his warmups, and the opposing coaching staff insisted on summoning a TD because it “violated the rules”. Yeah, silly, I know, but the TD directed me to. In other tournaments, with any other name on the awning (Perfect Game, Southwest Wood Bat, ShowCase Baseball, etc), we’re much less stringent about this, because at the end of the day, it’s less about the score and more about getting the kids reps and experience and keeping them “safe” (in playing health). If I have a coach lingering around, or heading out to the mound, I might inquire as to what’s up, or kindly and casually remind him that he doesn’t need to be out there. It might be a case of a control-freak coach, or it might be a case of the coach noticing something in warmups that may be an onset injury. It would certainly help to know that, as I certainly would not want that youngster pitching if his arm is about to go, or he’s got a bleeding blister on his finger.
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    ............did I just read what I thought I read ???
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    Always played outside as a kid. We had the proverbial sandlot diagonally across the street from my house, always full of kids playing something. When I mis-behaved my punishment was my mother sat me on a chair in front of our living room window and I would have to watch all the other kids playing outside. Not being allowed to play outside with my friends was worse than any spanking (yes, there were spankings back then!).
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    So they can eject a player because they have x-ray vision and can still see the field?
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    Because silo shots (straight up) typically start to arc back towards the plate, or, if otherwise uncaught, carry enough spin such that they take bounces to the foul lines. I actually commend the PU on “reading the field” – skinned, probably hard-packed, grassless infield and an artificial/portable mound are ingredients to bad hops. If the ball had not been touched, and bounced-or-rolled foul, would it not have been a foul ball? So why not tack on “... if fair!” onto the verbal declaration?
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    *****Ladies and Gentlemen, as witnessed above, this is PROOF that umpires..............are a different breed.
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    There was an old man from Nantucket.......... There was this one coach with a bucket..........
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    I am that umpire. I wasn't before and had a situation in a JUCO game this year with a bucket... never again.
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    This is what I tell coaches in my plate meeting: I don't mind the bucket brigades but if a live ball comes into contact with one, it will be treated as dead ball territory and we will award based or send runners back depending on who is at bat. You WILL NOT benefit from your own buckets. Haven't had a ball come into contact with one in two years. Ball starts coming near and coaches grab buckets and scatter. Usually only takes one close call to get the coaches back into the dugout.
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    That's a sweet Nike setup with those pads. Wish I could afford it.
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    I'm not a monster... of course I would lol.
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    I can live with that. I prefer the constant taunting of Deadpool to a villain named Francis who doesn't feel any pain. I'm one of about six people in the world who was never impressed with Stripes. Nor Blazing Saddles for that matter. And, I also think To Kill a Mockingbird (both book and movie) are grossly overrated. Bring out the pitchforks...

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