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    You know me. I would for sure be interested.
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    By Rulebook definition there are no ties...they are either safe or out. There is no third option.
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    Oh, and before instant replay (which can't distinguish events like an oscilloscope can), real bangers were decided by who screwed up the least. If the infielders made a sparkling play, the runner was out. If the infielder bobbled the ball, the runner was safe. It was an aspect of the game that contributed to baseball's charm. And it is a shame that we had to go to an imperfect replay system that CAN'T REALLY distinguish which event occurred first, to ruin a good thing. And now we have whiny piss-ants that want to invoke the letter of the rule, "tie goes to the runner" ... FAQ them, refer to my signature quote below. nostalgic techno-nerd
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    Maybe they were bald? (as in "two bald guys put their heads together and made an ass of themselves")
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    Epic Sports has the new silver only for $80 plus shipping. To be honest, I like the old model better. I haven't tried either, but looks better on the old version IMO. Plus, you get some TW's. I keep looking at this but don't have the funds. I'm sure it'll sell.
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    And now with the full retirement of the Gun Show that was Ed Hocculi. We will be learning a whole lot less about the rules.
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    I am willing to have mine copied into 3D printing. Could someone help facilitate?
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    I don't see why MLB umpires can't follow a protocol similar to NFL referees. You don't tell the crowd about every play. But infractions, unusual stuff, and especially replay review, why not? Inevitably, the ump ends up talking to one coach, then goes over and talks to the other coach anyway, and meanwhile the fans in the stands and at home don't have the first clue what's going on, unless some mic was lucky enough to pick up part of a conversation - kill three birds and get on a mic. It also better serves to educate. I learned a lot about NFL rules from the dude in stripes telling us what just happened.
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    well folks. With NY losing last night, our very own @maineump is set up (and due) for any one of the 3 championship plate games. Best of luck TROY.
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    When the DHC comes out, and you say that you safed BR because tie goes to the runner, you (and your partner) are in trouble. It should be either: skip, I had the runner beating the throw, or skip, I had the throw beating the runner. Saying that it was a tie dooms the crew to abuse/ejections.
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    LOL ... Spencer / Trevor ...whatever!
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    Probably should call the interference to kill the ball.
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    I’m trying to find the “tie” in the rule book. It’s not there! A runner is either safe or out. If there were ties, then the call would be “yer tied, do it over”.
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    Not trying to brag but...
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    2015 NFHS Case Book Play 7.3.5 Situation G: With no outs and F1 in the set position, R3 attempts to steal home. F1 legally steps backward off the pitcher’s plate and throws home. B2 hits the ball. Ruling: Typically, batter’s interference is a delayed dead ball in order to give the defense an opportunity to make an out on the initial putout attempt. Since the batter hit the ball, the defense was not afforded an opportunity to make a play. Therefore, the ball is declared dead immediately, R3 is out because of B2’s interference. (5-1-2a and dead ball table #25, 7-3-5, 8-4-2l) NCAA rule 7-11v. If the batter hits, or attempts to hit, a throw made to home plate by the pitcher who is not in contact with the pitching rubber, and is attempting to retire a runner stealing home, interference shall be called and the ball is dead. PENALTY for v.—With two outs, the batter is out. With fewer than two outs, the runner shall be out. OBR rules the same as FED/NCAA.
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    This Ask the Umpire question would make sense with the following corrections: Runners on the corners with 1 out. Batter hits a fly ball to right, which is caught. Runner at 3rd tags up legally and scores. However, the batter runner on first never re-touches first base. He just walks into the dugout. Is the game really over at this point? Doesn't the batter runner on first have to complete the play and re-touch first base? And the answer would be, yes, the game is over even if the defense appealed the runner on first's failure to retouch 1B after the run scored. That out would not be not a force play, it is an appeal ... a "time play". If that out happened before the run scored, then the run would not count. If that out happened after the run scored, then the run would count...game over.
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    Why would the batter have to touch first base after he is out? What would be the penalty to him anyways, since he is already out? You wouldn't be able to call him out a second time.

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