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    The real story behind the picture? The Australian manager told this guy, that I had the authority to make him cut his hair. He was sucking up to me, to try to talk me out of it. He was a great kid, and one heck of a ball player. We got to hang with Gerry Davis' crew today. Great guys one and all. Got to watch them work tonight at the Classic. Games on Monday the 20th - 3:00 at Lamade (3B) and 8:00 at Lamade (LF Line)
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    As of 8pm, @maineump hasn't received his schedule for tomorrow. My guess is he went to the MLB Classic game. However, when visiting yesterday, SWMBO got this picture. I had already sent it to a few close friends and said "It's ok Blue, you're doing fine".
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    I see your point and can empathize. My feeling is they rushed trying to get these out ASAP due to the shortage - and didn't do a good quality-control check to ensure they were completely ready before shipping them out to the suppliers.
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    One of the privileges granted by the obstruction rule is that if a fielder has the ball in time, he is not liable for obstruction. This is a legal play.
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    I saw this live. I had a balk. I saw a stop, then movement of the hands and legs before the stepoff. I'd like to think I get this in a Varsity HS game. That said, I've seen plenty of "lower level varsity" (NJ doesn't officially have rankings of HS divisions) ,where I'd let this go without a second thought.
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    Well, that definitely confirms that these trilocs were supposed to be there and were missing on the CP that I bought. Good customer service is nice, but getting a product that's right the first time is even nicer. These missing parts rendered my CP unusable and fostered a negative image of this company. All over a $1.50 piece of plastic. (If that seems harsh, it's coming from someone with decades of experience in manufacturing. I have lots of first-hand experience where "mistakes = lost customers".)
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    I would be happy to take them off you hands if you are so dissatisfied with them.
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    A botched pickoff attempt and balk call against Toronto in Kansas City turned into a seven-minute delay as 2B Umpire and acting Chief Marvin Hudson consulted Replay Review for a rules check, affirming the crew's original ruling to award Royals baserunner Rosell Herra second base on Blue Jays... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
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    I am giving this some thought based on if you were in my office, and we could test this out thoroughly. Here are the things I would check first: Are your shin guards the right size? Is it possible that you purchased a size too long, and these are riding up past your knee (as these are not supposed to) and causing the problem in some way. Is your top strap tight enough? With the strap being on the top "knee" and that "knee" fitting at the knee, being too loose could cause it to not hug to your knee as well. I have a strong hunch that 1 is your issue, but read further if you still have the issue despite the 1st 2 checks. Given that your shin guards worked with your pants before and these are even lower profile, I assume it is not a cut of the pant issue (e.g. that you need combo or plate pants). Beyond the above, I would consider 1 of 2 things if you want to stay with the shin guards: Try a different fabric pant. The poly spandex material is great as it slides more easily over your shin guards. We would throw a pair of those on to check. If you don't want to do that, I would send you off to a tailor or seamstress to add a layer of silk on the inside of your pants where your shin guards are catching so that it slides more easily. This is an old trick I learned from former Minor League Exec Director and now MLB Replay Center Head Justin Klemm. If this still does not work, then you should quit umpiring for good...just kidding...then either give it some more time and/or try a different shin guard. I would love to hear how all of this works out for you or if you find something different that is causing the issue. I learn something new every day.
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    Whether you go plastic or metal, make sure the throat guard won't hit you in the throat. You want it long enough so it hits your chest protector. Check that in your stance. If 4" is not long enough, go 6".
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    Harper was drilled by Hamels in his first AB, and Hamels told and admitted to the press, that the drilling was a welcome to the big leagues intentional (the code) drilling done on purpose. Hamels only received 5 games for his designed, premeditated and intentional admitted drilling. And wasn't Hamari unmercifully crucified for "immediately tossing" Syndegard for throwing at Utley in 2016.
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    ^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^^^ Players, coaches,parents, and most most importantly, the messengers of this myth,.... many MLB ANNOUNCERS!!!!!!
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    Yeah, the thing is loud, isn’t it? Surely, everyone knows you got hit, as that clacking sound is inimitable by anything else. You’ll never hear, “Are you okay, Catch? Where’d that get you?” inquired from the sidelines again! Now, on this point, this is where the Force3 Ultimate has a leg up on the XV, P2xx and other carapace-based CP’s. With its neoprene outer skin, there is much less noise and deflection. Also, the XV is a tad bit broad, but it’s not bad. The Champro segmented CP’s and the Force3 can all get more conforming, especially around the torso. I just got hit with a straight fastball, center chest, a few days ago. Circa 90 mph, and the catcher and pitcher got crossed up, with the pitch coming at (or optically from behind) the batter’s hands. Batter moved his hands at the last moment, while the catcher didn’t get his mitt high enough, and it hit me dead center. Didn’t phase me at all. When one understands that the padding in this thing is used in current football helmets, where heat dissipation is a vital function, and that the holes in both the carapace plates and the padding itself promotes airflow and doesn’t retain moisture, you are left with one convicting question: Why are they (the other manufacturers) still using sofa cushion foam?!
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    And I disagree with the weight aspect. I have one on both my rigs and I don't notice any weight difference (though for some reason my neck hurts and I keep finding myself randomly looking at the ground LOL.) Now... mind you... the visor does nothing to keep sun out of your eyes. That is taken care of by the bill of your cap and the top pads on the mask. What I like about it is that it keeps the rain off the front and bill of my cap (they tell me it rains a lot here in the Pacific NW) and then the sun off the same part of my hat. But that is my two cents. YMMV
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