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    I'm adding my two cents in. I have an XV with the T-hooks and modified with a Delta Flex harness that I love, and this season I was able to trade my old WV Platinum CP (and threw in a Honigs frame) for the new Adams XV with the Adams 4 point harness. I am admittably larger than most at 6 ft 3 and weight in the 230s, so I keep the ab extension on the CP, but lose the biceps extension. It's been very humid and warm here in NY this summer, so if didn't start sweating when warming up and stretching pregame, I definitely will be sweating from my first move up the first base line following a runner being put out. I find the Adams harness very adequate at my size. Now, I tape every strap off once I have it fitted right, and I shaped the shoulder areas with heat just as I did on my XV CP, but it is very adequate with that stock harness. Mid to upper 80s shots, no problems. Collar bone area, no problems. That extra side piece is perfect for my size, since my chest is kind of broad. And I wear a whole size smaller uni shirt than I did with the Platinum, which helps with my presentation behind the plate making me look more athletic in my moves, and not like a tank from WWI. While protection and price point were why I originally went XV, one of my favorite features is the fact that I can remove the padding and throw them in the wash, then air dry them.. I also splurged this season and got F3 shins, which also have the removable pads that I can throw in the wash.. They all go in the wash with my TW mask pads, and I'm the best smelling individual (by far these hot days) at the plate! Smell Ya later, catcher! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    Maybe some day, someone will uncover an enormous stash of Magistrates in all sizes!
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    I'll be doing the American Legion World Series next month. I'll post my game schedule if anyone wants to watch me on ESPN. (I don't know which ESPN channel it is on this year.)
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    With all the recent posts this week about the insane actions of game participants in these independent professional and collegiate summer league playoff series (see the posts about the garbage can and the giving of third base to a fan), one would have to be utterly MAD to work such a playoff series. Utterly MAD I tell you!!! And that is why I’m happy to tell you all that I’ve heard through the grapevine that our own @MadMax has been named the crew chief of the Expedition League Championship Series crew! And our own @jwclubbie, who is mad to think being our “clubbie” qualifies him to be an on-the-field umpire (LOL), is crew chief of the NorthWoods League Championship Series crew. Congrats to both!
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    I hope Troy can comment on all the nonsense that went on with the coaches and the appeal and replay in the 6th (iirc) FWIW I watched 7 innings and it was time to go home I thought Troy did a awesome job
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    We just got started. Pitching is around the plate...that's all I care about!!
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    Tell you what, New Balance sponsors the Area Code Games and the uni's they supply those kids are sharp looking. And their shoes are incredible, although imo Reebok field magistrate plate shoes are far superior to any others. I've worn 5 different model shoes and none compare.
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    I'll second that Lindsey is great to work with. Separate issue for me, but she is a class act and handles everything professionally.
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    Greetings all, I recently purchased the XV-HDX through Hibbets and it too was missing the triloc's on the bottom straps. I emailed both Hibbets and Schutt. Hibbets wanted me to send it back and Schutt was wonderful to work with! I explained the posts on this forum in my email and that it seemed like a lot of people were missing them. Lindsey at Schutt couldn't have been more helpful and is Fedexing some to me today. Gotta love it when a company has great customer service and stands behind their product!! Now if I could only get MadMax to post that picture of him wearing the cp.... Scott
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    I don't fly around to umpire, though that does sound pretty fun! I asked a few of my association's vets for their advice and they suggested the Ebag for travelling and the Diamond or Champro if just putting it in the car.
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    The CCA graphics for reference
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    I would recommend AGAINST this position to begin with
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    Yeah, the thing is loud, isn’t it? Surely, everyone knows you got hit, as that clacking sound is inimitable by anything else. You’ll never hear, “Are you okay, Catch? Where’d that get you?” inquired from the sidelines again! Now, on this point, this is where the Force3 Ultimate has a leg up on the XV, P2xx and other carapace-based CP’s. With its neoprene outer skin, there is much less noise and deflection. Also, the XV is a tad bit broad, but it’s not bad. The Champro segmented CP’s and the Force3 can all get more conforming, especially around the torso. I just got hit with a straight fastball, center chest, a few days ago. Circa 90 mph, and the catcher and pitcher got crossed up, with the pitch coming at (or optically from behind) the batter’s hands. Batter moved his hands at the last moment, while the catcher didn’t get his mitt high enough, and it hit me dead center. Didn’t phase me at all. When one understands that the padding in this thing is used in current football helmets, where heat dissipation is a vital function, and that the holes in both the carapace plates and the padding itself promotes airflow and doesn’t retain moisture, you are left with one convicting question: Why are they (the other manufacturers) still using sofa cushion foam?!
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    After finally getting the CP to fit right, I took a shot to the collar bone today. Only about 85 but fouled straight back (accelerating the ball) and made a loud crack that made the crowd and coaches show concern. I stepped out to the side immediately and tossed another ball back to the pitcher while telling the catcher I don't pay for good equipment for nothing. I didn't even feel it. This thing was significantly cooler than my old CP and as others have stated before, every breeze was like AC. Wow, just wow. It hardly even felt like I was wearing a CP today. I am very impressed so far. I will report back after I take some 90+ shots hopefully this week (sounds so weird to say.)
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    I fixed it and it covers my ribs better now. I just need to look at while I'm wearing my mask. That might have been the issue - it seems so obvious but didn't really occur to me lol. Yes, it is unbelievably light. Like, scary light. Like, it almost doesn't seem adequate light. But I just have to trust it. I'd appreciate if you could do that. I think it would help myself and others with fitment.
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    Long time listener, first time caller. I was fortunate enough to get this vest in early March right before they went out of stock. I do approximately 45 games a year, mostly select 10U-17U with a handful of LL games thrown in for fun. I found this CP to be a great upgrade from my old catcher's style CP. I took several balls off the clavicle this year without incident that would have resulted in injury with my old CP. It breathes well, and anything off the chest plate barely registers. I wore it as is with the bicep protecters and belly pad on, which does make it a bit bulky, but not uncomfortable by any means. My only issue was getting the harness tight enough. I have all of the harness slides (mine were not missing) to the max tightness and by the middle of the game the harness starts to get loose. For reference I'm 6'2", 185lbs. It's a solid piece of equipment. Not sure if I'll look to get a new harness or try to rig the existing harness to get it tighter but I'll be using this CP exclusively.
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    I wear the HDX as my main CP now. I was wearing a Gold L/XL and this is every bit as good. The protection is excellent as I've taken several hits and didn't feel any pain (just like the Gold). You feel the bump/pressure from the hit and then nothing. No lasting pain or anything and no bruising at all. The CP is a bit wide if you leave the wings on, so I recommend removing those for a better fit. I also removed the bicep pads and stomach extension - only to catch one in the gut where it would have been had I left it there! Twice! (Side note: I was getting lazy in my stance - since corrected.) I'm still using the stock harness and it works very well. It's no RayFlex/UL, but much better than any other CP harness in existence - with the possible exception of maybe a DeltaFlex. When you add the comfort of this CP, the harness upgrade, the breath-ability due to the holes in the plates and padding, and then finally the fair price point - I don't think you'll find a better CP out there. Two thumbs up!

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