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    F3 V2 traditional masks are in route to New York - then to us by Monday or Tuesday - IF all goes well with the weather. Force3 can't make enough for what we're needing to fulfill orders. We order a ton at a time and they go right back out of the warehouse. MLB umpires are using the mask, MLB catchers are using the mask - and the demand is off the charts. The helmets - we're seeing umpires going BACK to the traditional masks and a slow sale of the F3 helmet. Business 101 comes into play. We carry what the umpires want. Hope this helps.
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    No no, Stu, I’m a mere tinkerer compared to the likes of @Razzer. Ray has probably had both The Ump and the Cooper Ump30 on his workbench, at a time when I was still trying to solve problems with LEGOs.
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    There's no answer. Each situation has to be evaluated on its own merits. In 120ish games last year, I had nine ejections. That's high compared to a lot, but each one was independently reviewed and justified.
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    Not a Ti BUT WELDS ARE MUCH BETTER... Must have been fabricated from Tuesday-Thursday
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    33 years. How many I've ejected? Can't say; I usually forget about them 2 days after. How many I didn't eject, but should have? 11. I remember each and every one of them.
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    As far as I am aware. That is the only difference. I believe the frames are the exact same. I also want to say, somewhere on here, @MadMax went in depth about the difference. But I am not sure where.
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    Just the pads I believe.. Leather on the Big League and their cheaper cloth type pads on the IX3
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    I agree, but walking halfway down the LF line and pointing to where the coach believed the ball hit the ground is akin to a batter drawing a line. There’s a difference between disagreeing with a call and showing up the umpire.
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    Alright, I made a generality and overlooked that Hedges – catching for the Padres – wears a Defender HSM with a custom cage. Pardon me. How did the Nike Titanium (Icon) get so desired and popular? It was Jorge freakin’ Posada who propped it on his head. How did the All-Star MVP 2500/4000 catch fire as the HSM for every amateur catcher to own and use? It was Buster freakin’ Posey’s baby-face that it’s been protecting! Wilson terminated a perfectly good HSM model – the Shock FX – primarily because no catchers wanted to buy and use it. Then again, their own sponsored catcher – AJ Ellis, as you pointed out – didn’t wear it either! And despite the new Pro Stock’s considerable advantages and improvements, Ellis still doesn’t wear it (and Wilson lies about it on their website). In any case, let’s revisit the core of the topic, and therein we’ll find the moral of the story – whether the springs got overwhelmed or not, or that Hedges had to go fetch a TM and a hardhat to finish the game, the fact that he was able to finish the game speaks volumes.
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    I think Max just called Ray "old" lol
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    There is no tag-up to appeal.
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    If we ignore the out on R2, then this just becomes a "F5 throws to F3 to retire the BR -- can R1 return?" question that is easily answered by all umpires / players / coaches. For some reason, adding the "extra" out on R2 gets everyone (well, some) confused and they think the rules are somehow different. If we just simplify it, it's easy.
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    My buddy was in the game and told me about it. The defensive coach opined that R1 HAD to advance. We both disagreed with this thought. Thanks for the replies.
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    I think in that situation not doing anything was the right thing to do. Anything going on with the coach and PU at that point was between them. Getting involved in a partner's situation isn't usually a good idea. However, like @blue23ll pointed out, it's sometimes very helpful.
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    Don't think I've ever seen this video discussed on here. Same ruling in all codes?
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    The game took place between the Washington Nationals and the White Sox on June 7, 2016. It was played at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago and the Nats won, 10-5. The pitcher in the video for the Sox was Matt Purke and the batter for the Nats was Daniel Murphy with home plate umpire Nic Lentz.
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    @johnnyg08Thanks Johnny. I appreciate the critique.
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    I say we pin this answer, as well as another one about appeal/time plays!
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    Thanks Rich for correcting my careless oversight. The Big Five Ignored Rules (4 of them are Fed “safety rules”!!) at tournaments: 1. Necklaces / jewelry (pitchers still cannot wear anything on the throwing wrist) 2. Catchers may wear an earless batting helmet (skullcap) and traditional mask 3. Batting team will have >2 players up warming / timing up the opposing pitcher during Dead Ball time (tolerated if all have helmets on) 4. Players (and some coaches, for that matter) are everywhere besides the dugouts. Whether that be chasing down foul balls, running the warning track, behind the backstop visiting with their parents, off to the bathroom (or concession stand), or seeking out the complex’s common-ground bullpen (and thus, you the umpire have no way of policing how the catcher is receiving those warmup pitches), they are not all confined within the bounds of the dugout. The only “chance” you have as an umpire to exert authority is to keep helmets on those members of the OT out of the dugout, trying to keep that number to 1 OD batter, and keeping them from creeping closer and closer to the home plate circle. Then you have that 3BC that wants to give his just-retired runner a tutorial on baserunning in the 3BC box. 5. Teams may bat 9/10/11–14, and there are free defensive exchanges / substitutions. If injured, a player is Withdrawn (scratched from lineup) and the lineup compressed with no Out penalty, unless the lineup drops below 9. Tournaments do this constantly because while the participants know (of) Fed Rules for playability (feint to 3rd is legal, FPSR at 2nd, immediate Dead on Balk, etc), the TDs aren’t as draconian in the “fine print” Fed Rules application... oh, and if I was to add a 6th, it’s the amount of latitude encouraged of us umpires to grant to coaches (ie. the amount of SH*# we take) before ejecting them.
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    The poly spandex actually have some stretch to the waist band.
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    So is 7 3/4! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How long ago did you start this transaction? You say you're a long time reader. If so, you should have known of +POS's recent sketchy customer service. Orders have been hit or miss for years now. Sorry you missed all those discussions. Not a slam on you, just a learning point for others. Some folks get their gear right away, and others seem to take many weeks.I haven't heard of anyone just flat out never getting their stuff. Dan Parsons. the owner, used to come here and defend his one-man operation. Haven't seen him here lately. He recently expanded his operations, plus, has either sold some gear, or has some sort of distribution deal with Ump-Attire (they carry those same masks). Maybe you can get Jim to get ahold of Dan. Those of us who've done this for awhile are saddened by the company's slide. They were the "go to" outfit for many years. PayPal is great, unless something goes sideways, Then they're just one more layer to go through to get some sort of resolution.
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