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    I hate to do it again, but I have to say this. I bought a set of F3's based solely on reading this thread. I have a set of Honigs that my supervisor gave me when I started and since then, I've owned and used both the Wilson Golds and Platinums. I worked my first plate game with the F3's last night and guys, I won't go back. These things are incredible. Seriously. The others are good, but these things are a step above as far as comfort goes, and they look and feel just as safe as either of my Wilsons or the Honigs, though I confess I haven't taken a shot to them yet. Just throwing that out there for the sake of history.
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    As a scorekeeper I have E3. As an umpire I got nothing.
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    Only if you plan on getting a 98
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    Attention!!!! Effective 1/1/18 there will be some changes to the CDP forum. To create a new post you will need to purchase an advertisement -- The post will be active for up to 45 days. After 45 days the post will be deleted. If you still wish to advertise you will need to purchase another post. You may bump your post while it is active. You may not hijack another's paid post. All posts seeking a team or umpire should be in the appropriate section. Posts advertising for a team or umpire in other sections of the site will be deleted. YOU MAY ONLY POST YOUR AD IN THE "UMPIRES LOOKING FOR TEAMS" FORUM! Continued mis-use will be grounds for termination from the site. This is your warning. Please play by the rules. The following groups are excluded form the requirement to purchase: Premium Members Members with over 100 posts Umpire-Empire Staff Do not post the price you are seeking or willing to pay. Save this for when you make contact. Umpire-Empire.com makes no guarantee expressed or implied that you will receive a response from your posting. No refunds
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    I would call it "typical youth baseball."
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