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    Don't make it harder than it is...see the red above
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    I get what you're saying. I just don't think this is an example of a legal block (at least for the reasoning given in the question.)
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    That catcher was there well before the ball got to within 60 feet, and the throw was not to the 3B side of home. I had this as an illegal block.
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    I sent mine off for T-hooks, tried them and reverted to the clips. I like that the clips don't show through my shirt and I feel I get just as tight of a fit with them.
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    @TNump, you need a finishing spray. We used it often in the design industry to "fix" graphic design work, which, prior to digital printmaking, was a mash of paper cutouts, paint, marker, and film. We'd spray finishing spray atop it to give it a uniform, fairly abrasion-resistant (scuff, for certain) surface. Krylon makes a version in matte, semi-gloss and gloss, as does Rustoleum. Oh! And it can't hurt to give it a "heat glazing" prior to and after the finishing spray. Take a heat gun or hairdryer and wave over it smoothly and with even motions. Don't linger in one spot too long, but you'll be driving the moisture out of the paint and "baking" or "glazing" it. Then use the finish spray.
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    Hint: Does 7-11h refer to a batted ball?
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    TB12 said, "who do you root for each week?" I said, "the refs, of course." He said, "you get to take the friggin' picture."
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    No they want $120 for it...
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