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    Can I just say that why not give props to Greyhound Aggie for posting the situation, instead of bashing him and his partner? We can all learn from each other's mistakes without having some holier than thou attitude, right? Or perhaps you guys have never made a mistake before? In many locations, baseball is starting back up. We all have some rust on us and some have all heck of a lot more rust than others. No need to put guys down. What does that possibly solve? Wait for it.......... Take it easy on folks or nobody's gonna wanna post their "mistakes". Geez....no respect around here!
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    Greyhound - you had a brain fart. We've all been there (well, we all haven't been there...apparently there are 2 who have never had a brain fart). Thank you for having the courage to post your questions and situations on here. I'm sorry that 2 "umpires" decided they'd ridicule you instead of answering your questions. But that's how it goes with umpire message boards...you'll always have a few who feel the need to insult rather than help. Keep doing what you're doing, learn from your mistakes. You've been to camps, you have a good knowledge, trust your instincts. Even if your partner may have more experience than you it's okay to tell him you're not comfortable with the ruling. Give him what you think and let him decide what he wants to do with it. Keep working hard. Don't be discouraged by the few and continue to post situations if/when they happen. But you also have my email address and you can always contact me instead of subjecting yourself to ridicule when you are simply seeking advice and answers. And with that, since I am a moderator, I'll take scrounge's advice and shut this down.
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    Nike titanium with team wendy pads
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    I think the original disparaging comment was very unfortunate, and this doubling down on unconstructive sneering is, frankly, outrageous. The OP put himself out there with, yes, not the most difficult situations, but I bet someone learned something. But now those that learned will be less inclined to post their situations and their questions, lest someone look down their nose and say how unimpressed they are with them. I would hope with your 2,724 posts that you would have learned that this place cannot function if every time some one messed up - no matter how basic - but had the guts to say what happened to learn or help others. Frankly, if I were a moderator, I'd delete this entire thread after the 2nd post.
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    Over the course of my experiences, whether they are on the baseball field or elsewhere, when I have sought counsel on my actions, I rarely doubt how I approach similar situations in the future. Self reflection, the willingness to seek advice, and accepting sound advice are traits too many fail to embrace. Keep it up @GreyhoundAggie
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    I wish someone would have told me about this a long time ago. If you have a dangling throat protector mounted on the upper/inner rung, you've noticed it CLACKS against the lower bar. Now I've put a small rubber bumper on each one to eliminate this annoying noise. Home Depot/Lowes has these little dots.
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    @Jimurray I'm calling you out on this. You are over the line. Consider yourself warned. Further attack like postings like this WILL get you sanctioned on this website. Clear?
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    This is why I'm a fan of helmets instead of masks. In addition to protection from something like this, your visibility is better.
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    And that's why we can't have nice things...utterly ridiculous that you treat your own that way on a public forum.
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    Will work with Wilson wraparound pads and standard profile frame
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    Unless, somehow, F1 was in the wind-up. NOt that I think he was -- just for FED clarification.
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    Let em add to the above that R3 needs to retouch home on the way back (edit: assuming she passed home plate ). If not s/he is subject to being out on appeal. So, the order of the tags / appeals could matter as to whether both runners are aout (tag R2 first -- R2 is out; then appeal R3 and R3 is out)
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    Baseball's a funny game. I make my living with my brain and can't afford the risk of weird shots like the one you took (I'm guessing you wear a mask), so I switched to the bucket some years ago. I realize that zero risk is impossible, but it's substantially lower, and low enough that I can work the plate effectively (well, as effectively as I ever could...).
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    I will respectfully disagree with (part of) the above answer. The runner who touched home and went back to third "legally" acquired that base. Runners are allowed to correct baserunning mistakes (not tagging up) and this one did. And once the runner made it safely back to third, the baserunning mistake has been corrected and an appeal is no longer available. Now we have two runners on a base. 1) There are no "automatic" outs to be had here. The defense must play upon the runner to get an out. 2) There is no double play available in this situation. 3) When two runners occupy the same base...if the lead runner is forced, then the lead runner may be tagged for an out. If the lead runner is not forced, then the trailing runner may be tagged for an out. 4) Since no force play is involved here, the order in which the runners or the base are tagged doesn't matter. When there is a forced runner involved, then the order of who/what is tagged can matter as it may remove the force play for one of the runners. But we don't need to worry about that here. On this play, I have the trailing runner in jeopardy of being tagged out, while the lead runner is not.
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    Thanks Jim. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I think it's a stupid FED rule that should never be used. In Scrounge's 10u example, I either have nothing, or INT with an immediate dead ball — even with no one else on base.
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    Regards the shoes I prefer low cuts because they are lighter and my shins/shoe combination provides all of the protection I need. Despite spraying down and cleaning my shoes sometimes multiple times a day I have to polish them often and the all black is just easier to polish and ends up looking better. I have multiple HSM with and without shock absorbing systems. How your helmet fits is a big factor. Also, I've gotten so use to HSMs so the weight issue is not a problem. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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    Not only that, but by the time the DC can make his claim (from the dugout) and the umpire can respond, the rest of the action (BR returns, or F3 is on the base holding the ball) is likely complete. If the DC yells that from the dugout AND F3 is on the base looking at the umpire, I'd consider that a valid appeal. Most of the time F3 comes right off the base after the play, so the fact that he's still there shows intent, to me (besides, I'm not going to reward the offense for missing the base)
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    For FED, it depends on whether it's a force play at home (for example, batted ball with bases loaded). If so, then the FPSR is in effect, and the run will NOT count, even though the runner touched HP before the MC. Otherwise, if not a force play situation, the run would score. And of course, for codes without the FPSR, the run will always score.
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    You hae to wonder what the conversation that ended in his being named coach went. Dad: "I don't want to do it. Some other dads in unison: "Me either." Dad: "Hey, let's let Mongo be the head coach!" Mongo: "Mongo like baseball!" Or something like that.
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