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    Just received a couple of these harnesses from @Razzer as well as a couple of his lineup books. My harness went on a brand new WV Gold & after adjusting it snugs up better than I have ever been able to adjust a WVG previously. Really like this harness & it does have plenty of strap length as others on U-E have pointed out before. Very cool that Ray can personalize these with names, logos, etc . The 2nd harness he did for my son & customized it & a lineup book for him as well. I'm sure when he shows up for Spring Training there will be some MiLB guys asking for Razzer's contact info. I saw on FaceBook as well that some of the MLB guys are jumping on some ULFH customized harnesses as well.
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    Kids! Don't make me turn this car around!!
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    Recently I have been busy with thinning then adding to my gear addiction. Great transactions as seller & as a buyer with @Majordave & @Razzer. Also great quick transaction with @JayGarneau. All are great to deal with. Also had good experience purchasing Zett TG from @JohnMcSherry. Thanks you gentlemen for being so prompt as buyers & sellers.
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    We are live with the second edition of RuleGraphics http://redirect.viglink.com?key=d5c52a68c2da51223ae18eb8d086c977&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2FRuleGraphics-Professional-Baseball-Dennis-Goodman%2Fdp%2F0996110526 RuleGraphics takes all the major components of a rule and boils it down to one page. It is designed to be a reference for the rules. New in the second edition: Tables in the back showing major rule differences between professional, college and high school baseball Numbering system completely updated based on new OBR format Cross reference table in the back to help find rules in the new format A ton of you on here supported the first edition through feedback, amazon reviews, blurbs, etc. I truly appreciate it. If you bought the first edition, and want a copy of the new reference tables - DM me your email and I will send them. Of course you could buy the second edition to get the same material If your association is interested in buying copies in bulk, DM me.
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    Saw this on FB. I like it. Might have It printed up and delivered to all the schools, parks and stadiums I work. "Coach if you wish to avoid ejections and still call me names......."
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    Am I missing something or do they just do this to make me think? NFHS Baseball Casebook FOREWORD...CASE BOOK FORMAT... A RUNNER is referred to as R. If there is more than one runner, the one farthest in advance is referred to as R1. The one next farthest in advance is R2 and R3 is the third runner to be on base. 7.3.7 SITUATION: Prior to the pitch R1 is on first base, R2 is on second base, R3 is on third base. B4 makes contact with the catcher while taking a practice swing. RULING: The ball is immediately dead. No runners advance. Never say never!
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    I finally got my Classic brown pads & harness from +POS and installed on my Mask-It recoated WV frame. I also have my new Allstar FM4000UMP mask - amazingly light - hope the protection / shock absorbing properties are as good as my reliable WV. Here's my dynamic duo.....
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    Great googley moogley! That's a hose feathers call, blue!
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    I ordered it after reading this thread and then a sample chapter
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    Great Transaction with @Stk004 Thanks!
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    It also says .. " Or stride leg" which makes it a balk.
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    It's false. Its the entire free foot, not any part.
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    What if a runner takes a really, really wide turn and runs into the coach? Do you call Interference? sorry Coaches Assist?... no.. At our meeting they told us that it was wrong in the preseason guide. You answered correct.. the runner running into the coach is not interference..and BTW it is not a immediate dead ball. So you can scratch that one off the list.
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    That's what I'm asking!
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    I have it and have only skimmed through it (though I have had it for over a year.) Seems like a good book.
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    Running in reverse order... Call them all out...
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    that's really a profound statement from someone in Newport Beach, CA! LOL .... In 'some' states, when you're doing games in March, in 40+ degrees w/ 20+mph winds, ...you'll wear a jacket
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    Just "golf pants". I don't play golf anymore (Interferes with my umpiring) but if I did the base pants would probably come out onto the links with me and pull double duty. I have worn my poly-wool base pants with a blazer and tie before when my other gray pants were at the cleaners.
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    On the echo part. Why did they even have to say the initial/calling umpire should 'step up'? Are the initial/calling umpires not stepping up? So, they are the initial caller and then just letting their partners take all the grief? How would one even get College games by being the initial caller and letting everyone else handle all the crapola. Seems like that person wouldn't even/ever call a balk to start with. What gives?
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    Hi guys. I'm a catcher not an umpire but since we often need to work together I'd hoped you would overlook me posting here. I recently lost my gear bag with all my gear in the Los Angeles area. The most precious item being a Nike titanium mask w/ navy Nike pads. I was hoping anyone reading/selling here could keep a look out for me. I don't expect to get anything back but I figure I'll try anything I can. The mask obviously has pads that can be changed out. But I bought my particular mask from eBay and the previous player/owner had written in silver sharpie "X13 or X31" (I can't remember exactly) on the front of the lower pad. So I'm hoping the thief will start listing my stuff on eBay/Craigslist or here, as they were, in which case the mask can at least be identified. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks much.
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    Between all of us on this site, if your gear pops up on here or craigslist or ebay, we'll definitely notice. Good luck in your search.
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    @humanbackstop19, that's a very... appropriate conclusion you've reached. Bravo. You touched on a sub-topic here, "conflict resolution protocol", that I will soon address with @jjb... I had this long response all typed up and was in the course of editing it when other replies, from @Haid D' Salaami (whose insights are pretty poignant), @Jimurray (who even provided video... the contents of which illuminate a very applicable "truth"), @dumbdumb, @ElkOil and @Umpire in Chief (Ruh roh! We gotz da Chief involved!) all rolled in. Even @maven put forward – all leagues and levels of consequence want a/the Balk call echoed. You have a concern about a coach asking / inquiring / arguing (take your pick) with you about a Balk being called, specifically if you're not the one who called it and are merely echoing it. First, how hard is it to just to redirect the inquiry to your partner who actually made the call (this "decision" you so focus on)? If you aren't the umpire who made the actual call of Balk, then the coach is asking you either by proximity (understandable), or because you've shown a trait he can or could exploit. Second, as the announcers at several points in the video montage state (and are they ever wrong? Heh... well, in this case, they are right), a Balk cannot be argued. So, knowing that, why would a coach be arguing with you? If a coach didn't know, you should, so why are you fearful of an argument ensuing? Just direct him towards the umpire who made the call, even it is for clarification. Third and final, your refusal to echo... ... based on that you're "inserting yourself into something you can't get yourself out of", and that "he's gonna want to know what YOU saw." Flip that around, and your partner calls a Balk. You stand there, unmoved and aloof ("not inserted") because you haven't the foggiest what he could have seen. This ballbuster of a coach you so fear starts inquiring with your partner, "How can you call that a Balk?! He didn't balk! Your partner (you) didn't call a Balk! Hey (you)!! You didn't think it was a Balk, didja?!!!" I think you're inserted into the sh!t now. Might want to keep a small shovel in your gear bag. Just echo the Balk call, fercryin'outloud.
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    Addendum to this... do what your boss wants you to do. If they say don't echo. Don't echo.
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    Agreed. Once you think you know it all you're probably in trouble. I'm critical of myself after every single game. Always in pursuit of that perfect game. Unfortunately I think most of us have worked with guys who think they know it all when they clearly need a lot of work. Self confidence is great and I think I have plenty of that too, but I know I can always get better and learn from others.
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    Communicate! If this happens to me, I call my HS assigner and see if he can find a replacement for my already accepted games. If not, then I work the HS game. My HS assigner is really good about working with us around late-assigned college games as long as we communicate effectively and truthfully about what's going on. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    Still plan on offering a few sublimated designs...right now we are having issues with shrinkage when we apply the graphic so more testing is needed
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    Not where he works I have there squads at another new location in pa and they are just as bad at this location. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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