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    so that means the runner safe at first now becomes a ghosty runner because he has to hit again?
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    runner on second--batter hits to the short stop the short stop throws to first but runner on first is safe so first baseman throws to 3rd base fielder--while this is going on the runner on second is going towards home and crosses home plate, 2 steps from crossing home plate he is hit by the ball that the 3rd base fielder threw--( throw was meant for the catcher but the fielder threw it wrong). The batter/runner is now at second---is it a live or dead ball
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    A woman was so desperate to get her son into the prestigious college on the show that she slept with what she thought was the head of admissions.
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    Yes. He must return or liable to be put out on appeal. 1B was his base at the time of the pitch, (TOP) which is what matters. Only way he can legally stay at 2B is if he reached it before the pitcher began his motion to pitch.
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    For LL I have used the warning and then the old 'coach little Johnnie bat slinger is done for the day' line which forces the coach to bench the player. The one coach that thought about not going with the program was reminded that if I sit the kid it is an ejection and he loses the next game as well. Coach normally gets the light bulb above the head look and takes door #1. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stop making things up. You make it harder on the rest of the umpiring community when you do.
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    NFHS rule 3-3-1c: A coach, player, substitute, attendant or other bench personnel shall not: c. carelessly throw a bat Penalty: At the end of playing action, the umpire shall issue a warning to the coach of the team involved and the next offender on that team shall be ejected. See casebook play 3.3.1 Situation X.

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