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    Is a Nike really worth $300-$500 Simple answer is hell NO! I understand it's. Cool thing to have and some umpires don't mind paying for coolness. And I'm ok with it. It's your money. Yes I have owned 2 Nikes myself but flipped them for a profit. They are very nice masks but are they the best? No. Your thoughts?
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    Totally agree with you. They're cool to own but they're no better than other masks and since they're titanium they bend easily. I owned one and it didn't see much action because I wanted to keep it looking nice. Eventually I asked myself "why did I buy this thing if it's just gonna sit on the shelf"? It didn't make sense to spend the money I did to never use what is essentially a tool. I sold the mask a few months later. I'd rather invest in something useful like a Force 3 mask or otherwise and save some dough.
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    Remember day one in junior umpire training for your call on this one. Pause. Read. &. React
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    Whether than ask "what rule set" why not just answer for the one(s) you know? A runner can always jump. He can't, in FED (or "HS" rules), jump *over* the fielder, unless the fielder is lying on the ground. He can't in FED, ever dive over the fielder. No such restrictions in NCAA or OBR.
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    He fell asleep about an hour ago. But on a positive note, his check cleared the bank.
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