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    The short answer is no. Their subs must complete mandatory play before coming back out, and the starters must still get mandatory play before the game is over. See rule 3.03 in the green book for all the nuances. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
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    All ....just heard from @mjr_2013 ........ He's on his way to Vero Beach to see where he will be placed!! Congrats Matt! Keep us posted!
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    I am about to leave work and head to my first (NCAA) game of the year. May all you boys (and gals) in the northeast enjoy your foot of snow today!!!
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    Thanks for the encouragement...I just emailed my association president and hope he can help me find a good group to work with to retake the test.
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    The defensive outs do not need to be consecutive for starters. As long as they get their 6 defensive outs (and the AB) they're OK.
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    The offense can appeal all it wants. It won't (or shouldn't) be granted.
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    What if it's the team's worst hitter and the offense wants to appeal for the swing?
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    Very true, the base guy is watching the pitcher, the ball and should NEVER take his eye off the ball - especially during the steal. He would follow the ball into second on this play. He should easily see the check swing. He should follow the ball, as if the plate guy called a ball and make his call. Then when asked, he could give his opinion. I agree, the K3 happens first, so nothing at second on the appeal. My question from the OP is - how did the coach make the appeal to the base coach on a check swing? He has to ask the plate guy to check.
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    He should be "worried" about both. It's part of his job, and the play can happen on any steal (not just the two-strikes, two-outs OP).
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    Fair or not, sometimes one bad decision and a momentary lapse of judgment can last a life time. I know this first hand. This is a concept that many seem to want to keep athletes especially insulated from and in a way it does them a disservice. Not saying he should be banned for life but 4 was not enough. When it comes to sports officials being assaulted, there are a lot of apologists out there.
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    "Good kid, bad decision" is how they said the coach spoke about it. So what? It was intentional. Bad decisions are made all of the time, but the consequences should be much more than suspended games. I'm glad the ref took charge like he did, but maybe it's better if we just lie on the ground/floor etc (like soccer players do). Make a big deal of it, make sure he's not hurt, and then make the punishment much more severe.
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    Got mine today. Looks great. Thanks @Razzer I'll put up a picture as soon as I get to a computer.
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    That's awesome. Matt and I would converse via PM's last year when I was at TUS and he was at Harrys. He started reading my blog and sent me a message. We would send messages periodically discussing updates and differences between the schools. I know he was close last year, but didn't quite make it. Good for him for going again and making it to the eval course. I couldn't be happier for him.
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    I just can't see paying $250+ for a chest protector when a Douglas/Wilson offers the same or better protection.
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    I deduct equipment, mileage, food, literature ((before or after game, including drinks that I bought). I use www.freetaxusa.com. I've used it for years. I've never had any problems with the website of from the IRS.
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