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    What has driven my choice in a c/p is pure protection. I got my heart rhythm disrupted by a foul ball in 10 year old game, while wearing a cheap, ribbed protector. I switched to hard shells right after that, and that was a dozen years ago. I've recently added the System 7 to the front of my bag, and there it will stay. I've never heard anything close to any protection issues with this rig. No gaps, no cracking plastic plates, etc. It's the only one, aside from the Platinum, that has one solid plate from the chest to over the shoulder. That's the best collarbone protection there is. Choose what you wish, but just do your homework. We all go on the field accepting some sort of risk. I choose to use really good protection for my heart and noggin.
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    Let's remember that spring training is just around the corner! Pitchers and catchers report in 16 days!
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    Im back on the field this spring.
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    That's what she said.
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    I think I just saw THE WORST play call in the history of organized sports. Hell, you only have the best running back in the game. WTF??
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    Get two outs. Trust me.
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    You just made a new friend for life. That is EXACTLY what I needed! Thank you!
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    CDP is very specific when it comes to Double Hernias!
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    Should we move this thread to the appropriate category or is it specific to CDP?
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    My advice.....don't get a double hernia
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    I thought it was funny...my wife kept commenting on Pete's weight, but the script was great. "You're not supposed to be in the hall!"
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    I think he got rid of the SWMBO. Like I did. Very liberating.
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    Defense wins Championships, ...and that folks, was great defense!   I didn't care who won ....so ...not a "fan" of either.   It was a great game
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    Seahawks couldn't run Marshawn on their last play. He was just there so he wouldn't get fined.
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    Good morning! 16.7 recorded at metro airport ......I think we got about 12-14 where I am .........but, I made it to work!
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    Ken, are you a Red Sox fan too? Sort of makes up for Grady Little leaving Pedro in game 7 ALCS in '03?
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    I did. Does it have the 15% discount on it as well? That includes the 15% off
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    It’s our last off day here and I thought I’d take some time to discuss some of the principles of game management and ejections. As we all know, ejections are part of the game, and I’m sure for most fans that don’t understand umpiring, they are a part of the entertainment value of a game. Much […] [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
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    Happy to say that after 10 years of umpiring baseball, I've finally made the jump to HS baseball. I know it won't be easy, but it never has been for me and that's ok - I enjoy the challenge. My husband and sons have always encouraged me, and after passing my GHSA test with a 94, I'm excited about the season. Hello, my name is Janet and I'm a baseball dork. :)
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    I have found that flinching can be caused by not tracking the ball all the way to the glove. When I have found myself flinching its, usually because I lose my focus - mental - on the ball before it has finished its path to the catchers glove.
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    Well it's been 4 months since the operation and I had a checkup this week. The doc was ecstatic. After x-rays, cat scans , and blood tests everything came back negative. I have been heavy into physical therapy and he said I should be good to go come spring. We are really short of umpires for high school so the association is happy as well. I will have to purchase a new piece of protective gear called Ostomy Armour. I emailed the company and asked if it was suitable for baseball and this was his reply "Yes, absolutely! The Armour is great for hockey pucks too." So I am about to embark on my 54th year umpiring and as I said before "Its been a great run" Tony

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