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    Then, you need to remove that from your vocabulary as it should be removed from the book.
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    1. It's the base umpire's call. 2. If you think he missed something, then ask for time, have it granted, and calmly go out to speak with him. 3. Politely tell him what you have (a pulled foot) and can he ask the PU if he had a pulled foot as well. 4. If he refuses, then DO NOT go to the PU on your own. You'll just have to live with the call. Calmly return to your dugout. 5. If he grants your request, return to your dugout and wait for the result. 6. If it's in your favor, congrats! If not, then accept it and move on. PU should NOT step on his partner's call. However, I pregame with my partner that if I have something, I will be standing somewhere I wouldn't normally be standing - this gives him a clue that he should grant a coach's request for help. If he is asked for what he has by his partner, then he should give it to him and then his partner will decide if he is going to stay with his call, or change it based on the information given by the PU. If the coach asks PU about the call, then PU should politely refer the coach to the umpire that made the call - in this case, the BU. That's how is SHOULD happen. I'll now return from my fantasyland and back to the real world.
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    Like the song says...It's 5-o'clock somewhere
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    That's not correct. If F1 steps to 3B, he MUST throw to 3B. If he steps to 2B, he may throw or feint to 2B. These apply in every situation, whether the base is occupied or not. If the base is not occupied, then the umpire must judge whether the move was for the purpose of making a play.
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    Then, you need to remove that from your vocabulary as it should be removed from the book. Agreed. "Deception" is a catch-all used by umpires who don't know how to properly explain their balk calls. Stick with the stated balks and you'll be much better off: "Feint to first" "Start, stop" "Didn't gain distance" "No stop" etc...
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    I'm glad you did. He seems like a shady character!said the definitive shady character
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    Well, ...the last tourney of the year happened over the weekend and this tourney had 2 'premier' fields for the teams involved, one of them being "Cooley Law Stadium", home of the Lansing Lugnuts, Class A affiliate to the Toronto Blue Jays.   @Trakes2 and myself had three games here, yesterday (18u wood bat) on a cloudy muggy (turned cool) rainy day ......  a nice way to end 2013!    
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    I was in chat the other night and I said I was actually thinking about getting an unequal. I needed something for U12 summer ball.
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    And I think one of the leagues used to be outside always as U2 and the other inside and then they all came inside. I do think it would be worth at least an experiment in spring training or the fall leagues (if theyuse 4 umpires) to at least try it and see the advantages and disadvantages.
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    Never seen anyone look at their hammer or do it to the side. Just an observation.   Yes you have ............   http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/home-plate-umpire-brian-knight-calls-a-strike-during-the-news-photo/149575627   http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/home-plate-umpire-ed-hickox-calls-strike-three-on-xavier-news-photo/144184304   http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/home-plate-umpire-doug-eddings-calls-a-strike-during-a-news-photo/91022107
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    Since the ball went to the backstop, and the catcher had to leave his position, and the home plate circle, to retrieve the ball, under 7.08, the batter would have to vacate and clear the home plate area. He definitely would have enough time. Although he is still the batter, he is governed under both batter and offensive player interference rules. If the ball remained in the home plate circle, or just outside that on the grass, then the batter may hold his ground, as long as he doesn't do anything. He may also attempt to vacate, however, if he does, causing something in that situation, such as touching the ball, or the catcher, then he may be liable to being guilty of interference, whether intentional or not. In conferring with Mike Taylor, we discussed the HW ruling and his contacts ruling. We both agree that both sources are discussing the same issue, different circumstances.
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    He's gone whether you've made the ejection motion or not. If he doesn't turn around for you to make the motion who cares as long as he leaves. Make sure you've said it loud enough for him to know he's been ejected. The majority are not going to just keep walking away without turning back around because their thought is - I can say what I want as long as I'm walking away. I don't see anything wrong with what you did. High level umpires do this...especially if they are on tv. Anything to keep the spotlight off of you. It's all about appearance.
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    This incident happened about 25 or 30 years ago. I had forgotten about it until I ran into the guy a couple of days ago. It was a different time back then. After a game one of the guys on the losing team beat up the umpire in the parking lot. This guy was known as the town psycho and was allways bullying someone, a lot of people were afraid of him, and for good reason. We all heard about that incident and others but not much was done about such things then. Well we were doing a game in which his team was playing. There was a call at 2nd that didn't go his way, and he came charging onto the field like an enraged bull meaning to do my partner grievous harm. Unfortunately for him he seriously underestimated my partner. Just as he got to him Rolly gave him a straight right to the jaw and he dropped as if poleaxed. It was not well known that besides being a very good ballplayer and umpire, Rolly had been a very accomplished amateur boxer. Of course this incident spread through town like wildfire. It was the main topic of conversation in the coffee shop for days. Rolly was one of the top umpires in our association but real life forced him to retire much too early. I hadn't seen him for years until the other day when I ran into him in the city. We had a great laugh and he reminded me of his one punch KO. Oddly enough we never heard much from the town bully after that incident. He actually quit playing. Tony
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    Not liking a rule is not license to try to find a reason to ignore it.
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    I'm sticking with what I said in post #3. Nobody's letting a F1 step to 1st and not throw even if R1 took off for 2nd. Same way nobody should be letting F1 step and not throw to 3rd. 3rd & 1st are now the same.
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    Those are fun. I got to work a show-case HS tournament with games at the local double-A field this season also. Crappy weather/crappy crowd. We were pounding post-game beers at the bar across the street as the skys opens on the crew that came in behind us...ha. My son scrambled up onto the CF camera roost and got a picture of me on the dish. I had to fix that HOK, head too high problem.
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    Possibly, but as long as you are not mass producing it, I can't believe MLB would get too upset. You are enabling what, 20 people to see this program? No we are not.... This is just one friend loaning a DVD to another friend.
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    I've had coaches yell,"That was a foul tip!" Me,"Sure was." Coach," He has to go back!" Me," Nope."
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    No, that is a valid question. It makes a difference between the rule used and what the requirements are for the batter.
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    It isn't about the judgment of it. It is about what rule is being applied to make the judgment call. That is protestable.
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    @Mr Umpire - INT and OBS are judgement calls. Not subject to protest.
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    This is certainly a case where the "experts" don't agree. B/c a player cannot lose their status as a member of the offensive team just b/c they are in the batter's box. Their status just got renamed for the purposes of certain rules but their status of the offensive team never ends until the team goes on defense.
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    I don't. I let the fans and coaches call them for me. They know my zone better than me.
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    Tonight my local Little League had their 2014 board elections. I am proud to announce that I was elected!! The only competition I had was the current UIC, who decided the event not important enough to attend..... SO effective October 1st, I am the Umpire in Chief of the Waterford Little League!
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    Which only a southerner understands what that means.
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    I was starting vacation, I was up packing the car, had the news on while doing so. My office at that time overlooked lower Manhatten. Im an IT guy and worked for Cantor for 2 years on the 104th floor, I still have my id card. Lost many friends that day, my mothers neighbor son was lost, 3 people from my town - such a waste of life by a bunch of 3rd and 4th world savages. I take the train into Manhatten every day and walk by the site both to and from my office, I think about it everyday.
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