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    Yes. Not only can you do it that way, that's the only way to do it. Keep it simple: Jones is a sub for Smith in the 2 spot. That's how to report it. Adams is F/DH who changed defensive positions. Legal. The new rule simply allows coaches to replace a F/DH on defense and keep him in the lineup on offense. Usually, that will be P/DH, but it need not be. Any player in the lineup may switch defensive positions with another player. That's not a substitution and doesn't affect the DH.
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    This one was posted on Facebook. I can also say that it has been discussed by numerous state offices. PLAY: The home team's pitcher is Jones and he is designated as the P/DH. He pitches the first three innings and is batting in the fourth. He gets a double. His coach then comes out and says he wants to verbally terminate the DH and now wants to have a courtesy runner for Jones (who is still the pitcher of record). Is this legal. Several states filed a request for an official interpretation to the NFHS. The NFHS has ruled that this is "legal". I was NOT provided the NFHS rationale for their decision. And, since I am no longer on the committee, I will not be getting it anytime soon. I am just providing this so that one can properly adjudicate this situation.
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    I have the following items for sale: (Prices include shipping) Brand new Wilson Aluminum mask frame, no pads or harness.($70) Brand new Honigs lightweight mask frame, no pads or harness.($45) If interested, please send me a message.
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    I just want to give you an update as to what's been happening. Someone got into an @umpire-empire.com email account and sent out thousands of spam email. The company I lease the server from shut down the site for violation of the TOS. Go figure spamming is frowned upon. They realize this was not done by me and reopened the site. First level support just told me to change the passwords for all things relating to the site, email addresses and more, which I did. The initial passwords were fairly secure, the new ones were VERY secure. BUT that said, early this morning they struck again and the site was shut down again. I did not believe a hacked PW was the root cause and the second instance confirmed my belief. I have been working with advanced level support and am having a complete threat analysis done as I type this. They tell me this should be able to identify the root cause and exactly how people are getting in. Important things to know. This appears to be an issue regarding an email vulnerability and not the forum software Emails which were sent were sent to random people - not U-E members Email addresses of our members remain secure in the forum SW
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    Thank goodness. I am not too proud to admit that I was starting to experience withdrawal symptoms...
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    I had emailed him in April, with no response for a few weeks... then lo and behold, I got a phone call from him in late May. I had requested 3 ZRO-G frames, but he didn’t have any more bare frames available. So, instead, I settled on 2 ZRO-G masks, which he sent out within a week, and I had them before departing AZ for the summer. I recently supplied one of them to @Mr Ump because he suddenly (and tragically) is without a mask, and he really digs it, especially in the Charcoal colorway.
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    Partly right... partly wrong. Yes, this little tidbit is borne out of travel / tournament ball. But, not every travel ball / tournament series uses NFHS. Some do, some use OBR, but most use a “weird” mash-up of the two, especially in regards to mound visits (OBR), fake to 3B (NFHS), courtesy runners for F1 & F2 (NFHS), and... you’ll love this... delayed dead ball on balks (OBR). It’s not in OBR, because in Major League games, this type of gamesmanship doesn’t occur. It just doesn’t. And gamesmanship is mostly at the heart of it. In travel ball, there are two reasons for the coaches to foster their players to all get out of the dugout, bats in hand, looking like planes warming up on a WWII aircraft carrier deck, to swing and “Time up” the pitcher. The coaches are paid a not-so-insignificant amount of money by the ballplayers’ parents to prepare and develop their precious sons’ skills for a future in baseball, whether that be a contract or a scholarship. Often, these coaches don’t have extensive track records to build these parents’ confidence and trust, so they “sell” themselves by keeping the boys active, constantly. Hitting soft-toss into screens, throwing in bullpens (or pitching lanes, like we have here in AZ), gravitating to any batting cages that are available, and in preparation of an impending game, conducting elaborate, extensive infield/outfield sessions and timing up opposing pitchers whenever possible. “Do you not see they’ve got a new arm out there? Everybody up! Get off the bench! Go Time him up!” This is the more insidious reason – among arrogantly elite teams (think 12 year olds who recently received shaving kits as gifts for Christmas), or older, college-prep teams (typically called “hitting academies”), it’s an intimidation tactic. Plays to the whole “we own this at-bat”, “we own the plate”, etc... thus “we own you (pitcher)”. Here in Arizona, we have a cavalcade of amateur tournaments on nearly every weekend: USA Baseball, Perfect Game, Wilson Premier, UnderArmour Showcase, Prospect Wire, Showcase Baseball, Southwest Wood Bat Championship Series, TripleCrown, USSSA... each of them slightly different from the others in how they conduct business, and how much latitude they give to teams in “self-expression”. If, for example, you flex your “umpire muscles” and draw a hard line on string or silicone bracelets, or necklaces, you’re just asking for a headache. Coaches are routinely allowed to be outside the dugouts (typically in front of), defensive exchanges (between field players and bench players) can happen at will (usually because the entire roster is batting in the lineup), lineups are compressed if in the case of injury, one-time “special” courtesy runners are employed if a head injury is incurred, pool play games can end in a tie, and nearly all games have a time limit. These are just a few of the things that are not found (or addressed, or allowed) in either OBR or NFHS Rulesets. So why be selective? Why be so... in the words of rat coaches... petty or red-assed? What I’ve found in my years of doing tournament ball, the best thing to do is to go as simple as possible. If it’s before first pitch, or if it’s at a pitching change, if there are more than one batter out of the dugout, swinging dry or timing up the (new) pitcher, my only enforced concern is that they all have helmets on. And that directive is much more civil, and fosters a better relationship than barking orders to put everyone in the dugout.
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    It’s not supposed to be pretty looking, it’s supposed to be different looking. It’s a branding-fueled planform. We all know an All-Star is an All-Star because of that comb-style bar planform. @Thunderheads remembers this one – the FM2000: Can you, too, spy the All-Star logo in the bars? That’s why they shaped it that way. UnderArmour is doing much the same, and while I don’t think they’re going to make a big splash in Major League Baseball, my professional guess is they’re gunning for Nike and Easton in the college baseball arena. Nike hasn’t exactly been proactive in progressing – much less continuing – the iconic Titanium mask, CP (seriously, why haven’t they put Air, Shox, Fusion, or React technology in their CPs??), and shinguards. Many college programs, sponsored by Nike for their uniforms and footwear, seek out and are supplied by Easton or All-Star for their catchers gear. Adidas has recognized the importance of the college market, as we’re seeing this in the Adidas Pro Issue mask (the “Icon”, as we’ve nicknamed the planform), which resembles the Nike Titanium “Icon” for good reason. With this new mask – and especially the new pads to represent a significant step forward in technology – UnderArmour can present a complete branding package to their sponsored colleges, head to toe. The pads intrigue me. Notice where they originate from – the football helmet industry. Hmm. What other highly advanced foams came out of helmet development?* With these pads, the gauntlet has officially been thrown down (again); Wilson has to pursue pads better than foam-filled leather sausages. As far as mounting pads in the FM4K-Mag, sure, it’ll take Team Wendy’s, but really, why do you feel the need to? The new LUC-Mag pads address the problem borne out of how drastically lightweight the mask is – stand-off volume and a hard distributor plate! That plate works. It’s just a shame it’s not (yet) on the upper pad. Then again, since All-Star focused on catchers primarily, catchers already wear a hard hat. * Answer: Team Wendy’s came about for ski helmet development, while 3DO was brought to North America by Schutt for their football helmets.
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    Thank you all for your messages. It's been an incredibly difficult time this past week, and we are putting one foot in front of the other as best we can. Christine's passing was unexpected, though she had been battling illness for many years as a result of radiation treatment for Hodgkins when she was 17. It truly does make a difference knowing that my family is in your thoughts and prayers.
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    Be careful, you might learn the rules too well and decide to become one of us! "The rule book is a pathway to an enjoyment of sports some consider to be... Unnatural" -Sheev Palpatine, probably.
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