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    Food for thought: For all of you, young and old alike, lamenting this year's temporary loss of sports, senior proms, partying, and other activities due to this crisis, I can safely guarantee if you're lucky enough to grow older, you most likely will experience many more disappointments in your lives. It's part of life folks. SJA :-(
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    It's more about being realistic about long-term planning, and recognizing that some things that are occurring two/three months from now need to start work today, which they can't. And the reality is it will be at least another month before anyone knows where things are headed, before there's any hope of most people leaving their homes for more than just groceries...It's trying to give people notice, rather than keeping them in limbo. Here in Calgary the city has closed all city-run events, and access to all city-owned parks and recreational facilities, until June 30. So, sports teams here can't play or practice until then. With Provincials starting in early July, those realistically are going to be a challenge to happen - for Calgary-based teams, they're done. Then Nationals. Well, work on that would be going on right now...not to mention there might not be any way for teams to qualify. And nobody can plan any kind of travel. I see the same thing happening in the states...planning and certain activities would need to be happening now. I personally think things like the NFL preseason, the tennis US Open and Little League World Series are not happening, or in serious jeopardy. Even if things are back to "normal" by end of June...or mostly normal...there won't be enough time to properly plan and execute some of those things. This pandemic is going to last 18 months...even if we flatten the curve, we're only kicking the can down the road, to make things more manageable, so everyone isn't in the hospital this weekend...we're still going to have to social distance and take other precautions, even if most of us get back to work by June...I suspect in both our countries it will be mandatory to wear masks in public until at least the end of the year. Until either an anti-viral treatment or vaccine is developed. So what would that mean for amateur baseball? Even if businesses started opening in June. A baseball that is touched by 25 people over the course of a game. Where social distancing is impossible. You gonna be six feet behind the catcher? How about the plate meeting? You willing to ump a game where a single player or coach is not wearing a mask? How many would be? Think any parent wants their kid sitting in a dugout with 15 other kids? This summer is over...the sooner people accept it the better.

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