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    A few weeks ago, I was calling a youth travel game. I was on the plate. About two innings in I was very aware of a maternal voice behind the fence saying, "Yes, honey. That's the man with the blue shirt. He's the umpire. He's working right now. He can't talk to you." Skip forward to the end of the game and I hear a small child's voice say, "Hi, umpire!" It took me a moment to realize it was a 3 year old boy right up against the fence, about knee high to me. His wee fingers wrapped tightly around the mesh of the fence. I look down and say hello and ask him his name and he says, "Steven..." I asked him if he had a good time at the park that day and if he plays baseball and he said, "Momma says we are here to watch Nate. But, I am here to watch you..." He then added that he wanted to be an umpire someday. I had no choice but to spray and wipe down my indicator and then bend down and push it through the fence to him and say, "Well, Steven...", I said, "if you're going to be an umpire, you're going to need one of these..." To paraphrase William Goldman...Since the invention of the smile, there have been only 5 smiles that were rated the most happy, the most pure. This one left them all behind. This particular field is a grueling uphill and downhill walk back to the parking lot. I walked a little brisker that day back to the car. It must have been the weight I shed handing off that indicator. Also, the trail was a lot more "dusty" walking back than I remembered when I arrived... A great opportunity to film a new Coca-Cola ad was missed that day. ~Dog
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    I just heard from Windpact that due to a large response/outreach from umpires, they’re going to try to get their partners to offer replacement pads! Exact words: ”actively in discussions with our co-branded partners to convince them to stock these replacement pads and will keep you posted on the outcome.”
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    Here’s the official interpretation that can be found in the 2016 BRD (section 290, p. 190): Official Interpretation: Wendelstedt: After ball four, a batter becomes a runner. Since the ball is not batted, any hindrance that occurs on the catcher or the catcher’s throw must be intentional for interference to be called.
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    Seeing these masks close up makes me think of the shower shoe scene in Bull Durham.
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    How did I end up in this thread?
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    I have it from a very reliable source by 2022 there will be a generic replacement padding from prior masks with the windpact tech. That’s all I can say on the matter…
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    Lots of food for thought for tomorrow. Will keep all that under consideration. For today, I will be celebrating the successful launch of the Cobalt CP. That culminated into all of our first shipments going out the door today!
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    Speaking of replacement pads and my apologies for the shameless shill... All-Star sells all of their replacement pads direct! Here's a link to a catalog search showing all of their current offerings. LUC, Deerskin and LMX: https://www.all-starsports.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=pfm ~Dog
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    This is nothing. The throw struck a runner, so absent intent, it's not interference.
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    Before you scuff 'em up and repaint them, try this... It's clear, and will "dull" the finish on the helmet without altering the paint color.
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    Greetings brothers, @Thunderheads, I'm not sure what the requirements are for a thread to get pinned but, perhaps this qualifies... THE FACTS: So, we have a potentially developing situation regarding the availability of WindPact Crash Cloud (WPCC) pads apart from their inclusion with the Under Armour mask. A few days ago, I sent a message into WindPact via their website expressing my interest in purchasing these pads separately. Today, I got a response from their "Chief Growth Officer". Currently, they are not offered. I replied that many umpires like to mix and match their masks with their pads to get a personalized setup but, we're missing out on WPCC's because we can't buy them apart from a mask. He asked if I was having problems with my WPCC pads because "In addition to offering optimal protection, one of the main benefits of our Crash Cloud technology is that it's "repeatable" and should not have to be replaced. However, I understand your personal preference and will investigate other customer feedback to understand the demand." I sent him a reply walking him through that traditionally pads should be replaced every 1 - 2 years depending on how much work an umpire gets and due to the pads becoming compromised with age, regardless of use. I strongly encouraged him to consider selling WPCC as an accessory because again, a lot of umpires I have spoken to are interested in the technology but, don't want to buy an entire new mask to get the WPCC experience. He said if they do start offering them, he will contact me again. SPECULATION: As I said on another thread, WP is a relatively new company and I think still learning a bit about the marketplace. I found the remark about their pads being repeatable and not needing to be replaced very curious. The UA was their first umpiring foray that I am aware of. I think it's very easy to make to a business decision when you have pads ready to go and UA comes to you and says we want to feature this pad in our mask and we'll take 1,000 or some other large number order. I think it's an entirely different business decision to say you want to make pads as an accessory and see how well they sell. Overproduce and undersell and you get burnt. Underproduce and oversell and you will miss sales as the market demand reaches to other options and may or may not circle back for that hot item that sold out quickly. We'll keep this thread going, of course. If anyone has anything to add or if you should come across these pads for sale...please do post the link on this thread. ~Dog
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    Sorry to hear your current hat didn't fit. I just pulled in mine for a few minutes and it was a perfect fit. It also stretched a little after a few games I think.
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    I tried that and then I realized what I really need is a slimmer, trimmer me...
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    My plea has been sent, I am due to change out my pads for next spring and would love to give them a try. One thing I thought of was that they may have given UA and Evoshield some sort of agreement that they would be the only ones with the pads, therefore they cannot sell them as just pads. Definitely all speculation but with a new company it could be the case.
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    Mine's coming next week. I have a CPU4000, a baseball Gorilla glued to the end of a golf club shaft, and a 6'4" son who hit a drive 320yds last week. Stand by.
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    Oh man...no, no, no @ArchAngel72. THAT was a nice one! If you ever have any doubts about whether your money gets to the right person or not, either identify a family yourself who needs financial assistance for their child and give them the money directly OR...hand your money personally to the league treasurer and say, "This is a donation for your scholarship fund for any families who can't afford league fees."
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    I don't mean to be too harsh, since this is the "newbie" section and at least you had the sense to find the correct ruling (and it's unlikely the person is the grandstand did), but three words: Pot. Kettle. Black.
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    Nope. Next question.
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    It's going to be hollow steel simply because it is an adverse risk to construct it of aluminum (welds gotta be high quality; welds can be sheared loose on non-baseball impacts (think, tossed on ground)), titanium (high cost of material), or magnesium (weld-less molded is the most effective way to go). And looking at that UnderArmour mask? There's nothing about it that sets it apart from any other hollow steel mask. It likely has the same geometry as, say, an Easton Speed Elite. Is that a very serviceable catcher's mask? Yup, sure is. I actually advocate for the Speed Elite to be an option for new umpires, because of its affordable cost, its single-bar layout, its oversized ear guards (very forgiving for new umpires who may flinch), its oversized fabric-skinned pads, and brief teardrop chin guard encourages umpires to use a dangling throat guard. The UnderArmour mask here is along the same line, just... exaggerated even more, with a atypical bar layout simply to emphasize the brand difference. The FM4000 has an atypical bar layout for a functional purpose. The UnderArmour has an atypical bar layout for a marketing purpose. Pass. With that said, looking at the general shapes of these masks, I maintain that the WindPact CC pads – as they currently are shaped for the UnderArmour and EvoShield masks – would likely work exceptionally well in the Champro Rampage... which, as a magnesium mask, is relying on untried, pretty questionable pads. Whereas All-Star had been making UnderArmour's catcher gear in the past, I'm not so sure about the current relationship. It's entirely possible that UA sub-contracted the mask frame out to any ol' shop in China to mass produce. We cannot expect WindPact to make a one-type-fits-all mask pad set yet (I'm not saying you're expecting, Rock... I'm just using your statement as a starting point for discussion). They've got nothing to base a mask set on! If you'll notice, the pads that are equipped to the UnderArmour and the EvoShield each have a cut, shape, and tab arrangement for that specific mask. Ideally, we need (or could really use) a more generic pad shape (a planform) for use in a variety of existing masks. If you guys are in correspondence with WindPact sense that they need a pad planform to work with, please let me know... I can draft one up in a jiffy. You're seein' that too, huh? I don't see a center chin tab, but I do see 4 cheek tabs, and I also see the shape as accommodating more mask frames than the UnderArmour. The jaw pad on the UA just looks... odd. I need to revisit this... Jeremiah W. (the Chief Growth Officer you corresponded with) answered the way he did because of what they (WindPact's team) are familiar addressing. Bicycle, motorcycle, racing, and indeed, military helmets are designed to take _1 catastrophic_ impact, and destroy itself so as to provide the maximum amount of energy absorption possible. So, after an impact of this nature, the helmet and/or the pads need to be replaced. Well, that's not the case with the WindPact CCs. The mechanism by which the pads function is repeatable. They will crush, deflate, and re-inflate over and over and over and over and over (I can keep going) again. The same can be said for any other conventional pads... except other conventional pads don't create the "immediate gradual resistance" that Zorbium, D3O, and other advanced TPU-EVA foams exhibit. And now this Cloud Crash foam. With the latest types and developments of pad construction, and the increased awareness of how clean, intact gear is important to its protection quality, there may be less of a need to "change pads yearly". There isn't any critical, in-depth research data on how, why, and to what extent pad constructions degrade, decay, or fail. All of this advice is anecdotal, and often seems to be said to excuse and benefit the manufacturers. "Hey, why should we engineer quality, long-lasting pads when we can just tell 'em to get new ones every year?"
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    Personally, I don't want the UA pads but I'd like to get a hold of some EvoShield ones. I think they'll both fit most traditional mask frames, but I just like the more traditional look of the EvoShield ones over the UA's design. Anyone else find it interesting that the actual Windpact website only shows links to the EvoShield mask and not the UA one?
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    I can't say for sure as I've not had any, but the EvoShield ones appear to fit most traditional masks by appearance. The UA ones are possibly more tricky.
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    OBR 8.01(d) reads, in part, "If an umpire disqualifies a player while a play is in progress, the disqualification shall not take effect until no further action is possible in that play."
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    I have a hunch, Jim, that if we change the context to a NCAA game – different uniforms, different umpires, same situation – that gets called BI more often than not.
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    From the article: Huh! Fascinating! He didn’t end up in the hospital, didn’t instantaneously afflict the rest of his crew (it is the most contagious virus in human history, donchaknow!), and to MLB’s credit, they didn’t go into a mass panic hysteria falsely believing the “ping pong balls in a box” computer simulation that seems to have been foisted upon the rest of us. According to the article, he’s now negative, and his entire crew continues to be negative. Huh. Maybe a computer can’t predict a strike after all.
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    In keeping with the confusing title & OP, I'm going to have to say this is a... To the OP's intended point & reference to Interference, I believe he means that someone interfered by yelling "infield fly" as a means to cause confusion (and it worked). Having had some experience around slow-pitch softball games as both a player and umpire, there are always some ornery guys waiting on the next game that are eager to help out the playing teams by offering advice and other opinions about how to field, hit, umpire, etc. I can totally see one of them having some fun by yelling 'infield fly' to distract the playing teams solely for his entertainment and/or to the joy of his peers. I do agree with Maven that it can't be IFF as runners were on 1st and 3rd... not 1st and 2nd as the rule dictates (and less than 2 outs which it clearly was in the OP). Even if someone did yell "infield fly", as long as it wasn't the defensive team or an umpire, then it's a double play. We cannot help what those outside the field of play may do, so long as it wasn't someone on the field creating the problem, then we play on and the play stands. If we start giving out mulligans (which is what I would assume the batting team wanted by claiming someone said IFF) every time someone says they heard something, then we'd never get anything accomplished in a game. And if we allowed mulligans simply because someone heard something, then we'd have a lot of do-overs because we'd have an outbreak of hearing issues begin, which would require a whole bunch of new rules about who heard what when and so forth in return. So, sorry... in the words of the infamous Wonka:
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    Can't be IFF: 2B was unoccupied. Random people (or voices in the head) shouting "infield fly" are irrelevant to the correct call. Unless noumpere's followup turns up anything, this is a double play, 5-4-3.
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    Intentionally dropped, accidentally dropped, or let fall untouched? At least in baseball, it makes a difference.
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    I'll add something about the Culbreth mask--it was probably made in the early 2000s. In the 90s, the All-Star throat extension looked short and rectangular when viewed from the front: https://fourseamimages.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Milwaukee-Brewers-1999/G0000mhtRRZ4EWXU/I0000B9pXDg5vvGw/C0000FD_ngc.POSk It was lengthened a few years after that, and the I-bar was no later than 2008, giving us some window from 2000-2007 (potentially narrower if someone can get more info.)
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    Man, you'd almost believe they're using the same mask! But, they're not.. Cuzzi's is a Wilson and Culbreth's is an All Star. The first bar up from the eye port gives them away. The Wilson's is still round/half-oval whereas the All Star comes to a point like a V. Also, the inverted U-bar on the bottom of the Wilson widens out more than the All Star does (look at the bottom pad middle strap to see the difference).
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    especially when the novel is quite...……………...you guessed it...…………. novel.
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    Oh yeah? What’d I say earlier? I see how it is. Arik, you’re not reading my novels posts anymore!
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    ...and the coach hollering "call time, call time" so he can get back up. How about they teach them to walk it up so we can move on. Barring injury, there is never a reason to call time on a slide back to first.
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    There are still a few that wear the hollow steel FM25. Being on the west coast, I see Jim Reynolds' crew a lot on TV. And he wears the hollow steel. I believe Culbreth wears one as well.
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    If you wish to contact Windpact directly and make a plea for them to sell mask pads separately, here is the link to the contact form: https://windpact.com/contact/ As Max so eloquently put it on the other post, the decision to sell the pads is fully on Windpact's yes or no. The other companies who sell the mask with pads are probably under contract to sell as a unit, which is why they cannot sell just the pads to us. But Windpact is the maker of the pads (think Team Wendy here) and could sell outright to us with no middle ground if they choose to do so. It is up to you and I, the consumer, to make them realize the demand is here for these pads if we hope to purchase them without a frame.
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    I don’t recall any mlb guys wearing the FM25 titanium...but back in the day a number of mlb guys wore the black non titanium FM25. I wore this frame for a few years and loved it.
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    Those half sleeve compression shirts from Champro that you mentioned are really nice. And you guys know I don’t oversell things. We were very fortunate that a manufacturer had multiple colors, for all umpire requests for a reasonable wholesale cost. That’s what led us to these Champro shirts. They are well-priced, which is no indication that they are anything less than high-quality. But, disclaimer, not everyone will like the half-sleeve style. Would love for you or someone to pick them up and share a review.
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    It's never gone, Hokie. Not until the day that 2BitOfficialsWareShed.com ceases carrying the last Cliff Keen navy shirts. ... or until the NFHS removes it from the Rulebook... ... which it's now a turtle's race to see which they take out first, the "Instant Dead Ball on Balk" or the "Shall Be Navy Pullover Shirt".
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    Thank you Brother @MadMax. Thank you for your understanding... This is after all...a difficult time. I called C&P Telephone Company. They're sending a guy...in November. They are out of navy blue and sky blue. They have an avocado green now and are expecting harvest gold next week... ~Dog
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    2019 NFHS Case Book Play 10.2.3 Situation N: With two outs and runners on first and second bases, B5 hits a ground ball to F3 who backhands the ball and shovels a throw to F1. The base umpire calls B5 out, but B5 asks the base umpire to check with the plate umpire because B5 thought F1 pulled his foot. During the discussion, R2 from second scores. The plate umpire indicates that F1 did in fact pull his foot. The base umpire then calls the batter-runner safe. The coach of the defensive team tells the umpire that because the call was reversed, a run scored. Therefore, R2 should have to return to third base. RULING: The umpire shall return R2 to third, R1 to second, and B5 to first base in accordance with Rule 10-2-3l. COMMENT: If proper umpire mechanics were used, this situation would not have occurred.
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    To your point here. I remember getting asked almost on a weekly basis if my (then) silver Diamond Aluminum was titanium. It probably didn't help that I had traded those junky Diamond black pads in for the two-tone Wilson wrap around pads that came with the original Wilson Titanium. So it had that Titanium look with the silver and the two-tone Wilson Ti pads.
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    It was called correctly.
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    This is America... we have competitive levels of EATING, so of course we have superior softball players & divisions. I've even watched their version of the world series once, but wouldn't do it again. I'm not sure I can even begin to fairly consider the average NCAA athlete to be on an equal basis with the average slow-pitch softball player though, regardless of his/her level. And I was aware there are no balks in softball, I was being facetious. Sorry.
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    So he had a false positive? hmm wonder how many others have had this happen.. No not really, just thinking it fits "the narrative" if there are more false + issues to help raise the panic level. ie if there are false positives who is to say there are not false negatives too?
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    I'm a Majestic, and now Smitty, guy 100%. If you are looking for colors "out of the norm." You can't do worse than Officials Choice. Home of umpire shirts in every color, hue, and pattern you could EVER want. And many more you probably shouldn't.
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    My eyes! My eyes! @wolfe_man, it's like looking into the face...of God! A more sophisticated chest protector from a more civilized age! [shakes hairy fist...] Everything was better before! We're not worthy! We're not worthy! Good luck with your sale, OP! ~Dog
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    Buy the hat, cut out the logo, and then do the velcro!
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    Take it from a champion of laziness...it could be as simple as not wanting to keep putting it on and taking it off. If it’s comfortable enough, why not leave it on?
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    My query has nothing to do with how dangerous or not Covid is, ...blah blah blah.... Don't think for a second you haven't wondered the same?
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    OBR: On or astride FED: Five feet NCAA: Nine feet (Dirt circle; nine feet is about the size of the mound)
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