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    Mine's coming next week. I have a CPU4000, a baseball Gorilla glued to the end of a golf club shaft, and a 6'4" son who hit a drive 320yds last week. Stand by.
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    2019 NFHS Case Book Play 10.2.3 Situation N: With two outs and runners on first and second bases, B5 hits a ground ball to F3 who backhands the ball and shovels a throw to F1. The base umpire calls B5 out, but B5 asks the base umpire to check with the plate umpire because B5 thought F1 pulled his foot. During the discussion, R2 from second scores. The plate umpire indicates that F1 did in fact pull his foot. The base umpire then calls the batter-runner safe. The coach of the defensive team tells the umpire that because the call was reversed, a run scored. Therefore, R2 should have to return to third base. RULING: The umpire shall return R2 to third, R1 to second, and B5 to first base in accordance with Rule 10-2-3l. COMMENT: If proper umpire mechanics were used, this situation would not have occurred.
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    I took mine off but am 5’11” so was not a factor.
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    A few weeks ago, I was calling a youth travel game. I was on the plate. About two innings in I was very aware of a maternal voice behind the fence saying, "Yes, honey. That's the man with the blue shirt. He's the umpire. He's working right now. He can't talk to you." Skip forward to the end of the game and I hear a small child's voice say, "Hi, umpire!" It took me a moment to realize it was a 3 year old boy right up against the fence, about knee high to me. His wee fingers wrapped tightly around the mesh of the fence. I look down and say hello and ask him his name and he says, "Steven..." I asked him if he had a good time at the park that day and if he plays baseball and he said, "Momma says we are here to watch Nate. But, I am here to watch you..." He then added that he wanted to be an umpire someday. I had no choice but to spray and wipe down my indicator and then bend down and push it through the fence to him and say, "Well, Steven...", I said, "if you're going to be an umpire, you're going to need one of these..." To paraphrase William Goldman...Since the invention of the smile, there have been only 5 smiles that were rated the most happy, the most pure. This one left them all behind. This particular field is a grueling uphill and downhill walk back to the parking lot. I walked a little brisker that day back to the car. It must have been the weight I shed handing off that indicator. Also, the trail was a lot more "dusty" walking back than I remembered when I arrived... A great opportunity to film a new Coca-Cola ad was missed that day. ~Dog
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    Oh man...no, no, no @ArchAngel72. THAT was a nice one! If you ever have any doubts about whether your money gets to the right person or not, either identify a family yourself who needs financial assistance for their child and give them the money directly OR...hand your money personally to the league treasurer and say, "This is a donation for your scholarship fund for any families who can't afford league fees."
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    All ... While most of us do a pretty decent job of posting stuff in this forum, let's take a quick look at some common sense key points about posting an item for sale or trade - AND purchasing an item as well: 1) A good description (new, used, etc) 2) Brand / Make / Manufacturer (the more info the better) 3) Size 4) A picture says a thousand words 5) Honor your transactions! Once an item is paid for, please do your best to get that item shipped within 48 hours. PLEASE INCLUDE a shipping tracker to the buyer. It's courteous, it minimizes questions, and is just the right thing to do! Lack of payment or lack of shipment/tracking numbers should NOT have to be brought to a moderator/administrators attention. Scams, non-communication, etc won't be tolerated. If an issue is brought to any of the moderators attention, you'll have ONE chance to correct it. If it does not get taken care of in an appropriate amount of time, the offending member will be banned, no questions. Now, ..... Carry on like all of your IQ's were normal!
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