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    Doesn't matter. It's interference. You may think it's unfair, but it's even more unfair to teach them something that isn't the rule.
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    This is the highest level of interest for you? Or, did you mean piqued? I'm waiting with baited [sic] breath for the answer. ;)
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    As mentioned,, depends on the rules set for the first question. For the second, if you meant he stepped behind rubber toward 2nd it is legal to throw/feint to an unoccupied base provided he is attempting to retire/drive back a runner. Any rules set
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    I know it's been requested by some, so maybe they're thinking about doing it. I know what you mean about memory though, it seems like I've heard something about memory and age or something like that somewhere, sometime.
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    Oh how I want a punk kid to draw a line ..... oh so much!

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