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  1. I Hate Shorts By Carl Childress My teaching career lasted 33 years, 10 and a half in college. When summer ended and I had to return to "work," what I hated most was having to wear long pants. Nowadays, I wear long pants only when I go to the doctor or a funeral. At my age, I’m doing a lot of both. But the summer is for shorts. I love ‘em. Except when they’re in a baseball game. Here are four "shorts" that you may have run into on your umpiring road. Short book Back in July I showed up at a game as a replacement for a friend who had to go out of town. At the pregame meeting, the home coa
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  2. p.ex1 {margin-left:2cm;line-height:150%} p.ex2 {margin-left:4cm;line-height:150%} p.big {line-height:250%} p.normal {line-height:150%} Umpire-Empire.com Outstanding Umpire Tools (OUT) Awards Warren F. Workman January 28, 2012 Umpire-Empire.com is dedicated to the overall benefit of the umpiring community. Keeping with that goal we would like to recognize the following as the best products and services available to umpires in 2012. So what makes this list better than any other "best of" list? We took a different approach and created a panel of experienced umpires who have shown the
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  3. Time marches on, and we've got some new offerings in masks for the upcoming season... Hockey -Style Masks (HSM) All-Star is still the iconic HSM producer, but several rivals have made significant improvements to their product lineups. All-Star: Showing focused refinement, the MVP4000-UMP and MVP2500-UMP models get updated padding and (supposedly) better paint jobs. In fact, the MVP2500 "Molded" is now black through-and-through, meaning that a ding or knick isn't going to discolor the shell. The MVP4000 is now offering a titanium cage, to keep pace with Wilson (see below). The System 7's, sho
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  4. Earn Big Points with the Little Things There are many aspects of umpiring which often go unnoticed unless they're not there or something's wrong. Often times it's the little things that make people successful. This holds true as an umpire. Arrive on time - Don't start out behind. It puts you and your partner in a bind.Appearance - I can't say it enough, look the part. A clean, crisp uniform and polished shoes make a world of difference.Posture - When on the field have a straight back, chin up, & shoulders back. Give the air of being in control by your mere presence.Vocals - If you give a v
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