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    Sunday, I was working a (local boys) 11U scrimmage for a coach friend of mine. Ball hit to infield, overthrow at 1B, runner runs through the bag and turns to the left (exactly what you are thinking) and returns to the bag. Coach yelling "tag him, tag him!", ....and I made the safe call. Coach (not demeaning, just trying to communicate) yell out, he turned to the left!! I replied, "you're right!" Coach asked for time to make a pitching change. While at the mound, he asked me about the call. I told him that he will not find it in any rule book that the runner MUST turn to the right. If the umpire adjudges that the runner made "a move" to 2B, then he would be liable to be put out. He asked me what constitutes "a move". To which I replied "you will know it when you see it". Fast forward to last night. His son playing in a local rec ball game. I'm in C, his son gets a base hit, overran 1B, ball was overthrown and he "made a move" to 2B before Dad tells him to get back on the bag. As soon as I saw this, I looked at him (1B coach) and as soon as I did, he says "I recognize it now!". We both had a good chuckle about it and carried on with the game.
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    2 things ......... 1) all black shoes make you look like you have dress shoes on (moreso in the field) 2) as you get older and slower.... white on your base shoes makes you look faster!
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    So our local LL is running a Covid shortened "local" season. Last night, I had the plate for the last (minor's 8-9-10) semi-final. Win.......or go home. VT Manager is a "competitive" dad, living vicariously through his 10 y/o son. Yes, you know the type I am referring to. Anyway, (now keep in mind I said 8-9-10 y/o) VT Manager coaching 3rd, giving signals to the batter EVERY PITCH. NO runners on, but we've got signals. When runners are on base, there are MORE signals. Now I'm thinking to myself, If I were coaching this age, I'd have 2 signals. POINT TO BATTER AND SAY - Hit the ball. POINT TO RUNNER AN SAY- run! This goes on to the point where it starts to delay (by the slightest amount....EVERY BATTER) the game, and I start with, "let's go batter, get in the box". Now they kept 1 foot in the box, but took forever to get the signs bring 8-9-10 y/o. I finally walked down to talk to the manager. "Skip (another manager that I knew), I would really appreciate it if you can get your signs in quicker so we cam keep the game moving". To which he replied "Bill, I've got to get signals to them". I understand, but when you delay the game, I'll start calling strikes on your batter(s). Now if you think about this, you want to run up the F1's pitch count. If I start giving him free strikes, that's not helping your cause, right? He understood and started trying to get them in quicker. Later in the game.......say.....the 3rd or 4th time he had runners on 2nd & 3rd (and couldn't get them across), Batter looks at 2 pitches right down the middle. Batter swings at the 3rd one and misses (stranding fellow 8-9-10 y/o players on base). Coach is walking back to 1B dugout and I hear "GUYS!! YOU HAVE TO EXPECT THAT CURVE BALL WITH 2 STRIKES". I didn't have the heart to tell him that at this age, what he calls a curve ball, the rest of us call gravity.
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    Let me suggest: ONE WARNING, PERIOD. Don't desensitize game participants that warnings are meaningless. After a warning, they have ejected themselves when they continue. "That's enough" is vague and means something different to everyone. But if you say, "This is your official warning. If you continue to argue you will leave me no choice but to eject you from the game," can that possibly be misinterpreted? Yes, ignore the fans (unless they become threatening or are hurling slurs). DO NOT ignore the players. Give them the same warning you gave the coach and if they decide to forfeit the game, then it's on them, not you.
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    @Rock Bottom The $125 is purchase on the final version - see our recently released video. We met with All-Star, yes a couple adjustments but the one that customers will receive on the pre-order will be the latest version that they finalize. That pricing lasts until July 31, hope that helps. Happy to answer any other questions.
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    I got to use this CP in a game a few days ago. It fit me very well around the torso and shoulders. It is low profile and protective. I took off the gap plates and just shortened up the shoulder caps which was a nice fit with no openings for a ball to find me, based on my shoulder size. I left the bottom extension on but I'd remove it were it my CP. I took two shots, one to the lower part of the CP and one on the shoulder. First was a pitch that bounced up and the other was a foul ball off the bat to the shoulder. Neither were extreme shots but the CP reacted well and I felt nothing but the pressure. I really like the plastic plates, especially the breast plate. It's already curved a bit so it fit me well across the front. I don't need another CP but I pre-orderd this one from Out West because I liked it and it's a killer price.
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    Product is not finished yet. We are meeting with them next week to go over things before production begins. Full and accurate details to come when the time is right.
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    I have no problem with the ejection. But you might consider this response, which is defensive. In some of these cases, I'll move directly to "Knock it off. There's no arguing judgment calls. This is your warning." Typically, these jackwagons will step over the line immediately, and I'll facilitate their departure. An intermediate step, for a coach who's been OK so far, is to put him in his place a bit. "Coach, if you have a question, you may come out and ask in a normal tone of voice." That frames the allowable parameters for mature discussion among adults, and gives him a gracious way to STFU. Again, if he can't observe the parameters, he may rant and rave outside the confines of the ball field. If he does come out, I'll start: "What did you see?" I'll give him his say, in a normal tone of voice, which is mostly what he wants. When he's done, or a reasonable time has elapsed, or he starts to repeat himself, I'll say: "OK Coach, I had the ball beating the runner and the tag down in time. He's out. Let's play ball." And that's it: a direct exchange of views, politely delivered, and ended promptly. We should tolerate and indulge in nothing else. He's accusing you of cheating. Call him out: "Coach, are you accusing me of cheating?" If he says yes, dump him. If he says no, then tell him to KTSO and that's his warning. If your league allows restriction to the dugout, do that. He's lost his privilege to discuss calls with this remark.
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    Who is Heather Grey and what did she do to cause this animosity?
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    I am working on a few things right now and hope to have some testing done in the next month or two Exterior ABS protection with pad for impact displacement Separate additional pad (washable) for comfort and impact Also working on a generic low profile pad replacement idea
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    You're not alone brother. So many of us are just longing for a return to the "normal"... the problem is, I'm not sure that's going to happen even once we clear this stuff. Things have changed now and I'm afraid we'll not get some things back. If anyone ever needs to just talk, please reach out. Mental health is just as important, if not more so, than physical health. I'd add spiritual health there too.
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    Warning? In youth baseball? After a "There's no f---ing way he's out!"? Teach the coach a lesson at the first obscenity and toss at this point. Continuing to protest, a half-dozen "that's terrible!" and "That's bullsh---!" More lost opportunities to get rid of him. He gave you a dozen reasons to eject him. Moreover, it must have been obvious to you that he had no interest in hearing what you had to say. Personal, profane, prolonged--he violated all three. I agree with grayhawk that a warning--one warning--has to have teeth, but in the circumstances, your first warning came too late--you should have ejected him much sooner than you did, if not immediately at the first obscenity. This coach immediately jumped way over the line, earning a one-way ticket to the parking lot. I also agree that (1) you cannot ignore players, and (2) the consequences--i.e., a forfeit--are not my concern.
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    @Thunderheads @wolfe_man Update from All-Star, very much intentional as it protects from errant bats on the side, top, and back of the head. still meant to be worn bill forward, not an old photo. New update as well video wise after we met with All-Star yesterday on the updates and changes.
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    First.......I would like to commend you for searching out the correct application of rules. Second.......I would ask that you take this to your league director(s), to ensure the umpire(s) is/are educated on this application of the rule moving forward. Third......I would NOT approach the umpire or the director(s) with "I asked these guys on the internet and...." . You should find a copy of the rules used in your league and present that. Fourth......I would suggest that you consider taking an opportunity at umpiring. You already took the first step by asking.
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    The 4000 and 5000 will definitely be very different. Can’t wait to share when it’s finalized, and we are given the official go-ahead from All-Star.
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    Oh, and let's give @JimKirk some love too. Did anyone see this new beauty available at UA? Now, you don't have to buy a silver one and send it off for powder-coating anymore. https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Masks/FM4000-MBK_All-Star-Matte-Black-System-7-Steel-Umpire-Mask-with-UltraCool#
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    How about integrity...I supplied them with products including adding their logos. CP Harness U-Bag Lineup Folders both sizes. One condition was they could not do any custom graphics...couple of months later I start seeing them all over the internet. Called them and they just said it was an emergency job then I showed him the email thread where his last comments was I will send you the logos. Never happened. Late paying the invoice too but they don't care. I cut them off over a phone call informing them thy broke the agreement. He started getting pissy with me and I told him he was done and no further products would be offered by me to them. 2 months later they knock off 3 products and publicly are saying screw UMPLIFE they do not have a patent and we can do what we want. That shows how they have no integrity or professionalism and completely sabotaged All Stars launch of a new product One thing is fact...they did not meet anyone from All Star and you can see the only credible comments came from Jim Kirk of Ump-Attire.com who has been involved with this project since day 1
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    I also am disappointed with Outwest due to lack of customer service and accountability. I had a problem back when they did the “sale” on plate coats for Black Friday. I ordered one and when I finally got it in late January, the size was way off so I emailed, giving him a chance to make it right.. I got a response basically sweeping aside my concerns and ending the conversation, so I left a review that I didn’t recommend them for others to buy from. He was quick to respond to that though, directly to my messenger, trying to bully me for leaving a bad recommendation/review. I don’t trust them and will never do business with them again. I hope to show others their true colors and they are really just out to make another dollar, not the service aspect they try to present. Ump-attire is always my go to supplier and I trust them over any others! Thank you to @JimKirk and the rest of his crew that take care of all of us!
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    One of my fondest LL umpiring stories. Batter swings and immediately the lights go out! I wake up in a bed in the emergency room with my wife taking next to me. After an X-Ray and some tests I'm OK to go home (with a good size lump in the side of my Head from the thrown bat). Head out and the waiting room is full of coaches, players and parents from both teams. PRICELESS
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    I appreciate your opinion. I look at it from an opportunity cost perspective. When we talk to a shoe mfg about making smaller size shoes, the answer is “it costs too much”. When you ask a uniform mfg to make an investment in a women/youth/smaller frame line, the answer is the same. However, I see a lot of money being spent on two sets of shoe colors and two sets of pant colors at all levels in the industry. Seeing things on all sides - retailers, suppliers and customers, I’d like to think I am being open-minded about trying to look out for all parties to make things mutually beneficial. Right now, usa/ncaa softball is reviewing potential changes to the uniform requirements. Many college softball umpires are pushing for changes. Most dislike the heather and want the option to have some white on their shoes. So, I am just trying to help that push with what they want with a perspective from a different angle. I definitely do not have the power to make leagues/others change their requirements, but I am looking to steer things a bit for the better when things are up for decisions.
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    No need to watch the video. This is the only pair of shin guards you will ever need. The only decision you need to make is which size to buy.
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    Question. Of. The. YEAR!!!! If we thought that a (mandated) navy shirt looks awkward with a black hat / black mask combo, or a black HSM, it’s going to be repeated with this hard hat. Additionally, I would recommend that All-Star places (or allows for) a loop patch (velcro) to be placed on the front. There are plenty of anal ornery obstinate pedantic stubborn particular Association leaders who will be stressing out over officials not wearing the association hat. How will anybody recognize you as an “association-certified” official??? How??? ... and Wisconsin, and Michigan, and Indiana, and Pennsylvania, and Virginia, and New Jersey, and... am I forgetting any? Any states still trapped in the past? Needlessly holding on to “heritage” and “tradition”?
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    The “meeting” was All-Star calling and telling them not to pre-sale a product yet to be finished. I know all details about the COBALT line, given we have been involved exclusively in the process from day 1 since LAST summer (including emails back and forth just today on updates). We have been asked by All-Star to wait until the final version will be produced around mid-August to share full details. This is what you do when you work WITH suppliers. See the golden rule. Now OW has branded a product over 1 year and lots of money and time invested (of which they have O of either invested) as a CP with buckles in the wrong place. They doubled-down with a second video after All-Star asked them to stop and then a post was made here. Major disservice to All-Star and just plain the wrong way you do things in the marketplace. Technically, the product that is being “pre-sold” does NOT exist. (Doubly bad if those of you who “bought” have already had your cards charged. That only you would know). Credit card companies require no charges be made until items are shipped. See the golden rule there as well.
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    “ Hi everyone I’m Mike Lindell for My Pillow®️Mask Pads. My patented fill will cradle every part of your face. Use code ARIK at checkout to get 10% off......
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    Mac, as you will learn from these forums and experience, everyone handles situations differently. I would go so far as to say there is no right or wrong way...so long as you keep control of the game and don't let it get ridiculous--like arguing every inning, or allowing a discussion to last more than 30 seconds total. As stated above, coaches, like umps, have their own personality. Most of the time arguing coaches are a result of two things: losing or ignorance. When a coach calls time and approaches me the first thing I say is "coach how can I help you". Ill give him 10 seconds to state his complaint, I'll respond with my answer and we are moving on. It sounds like you are doing a lot of youth baseball. Remember that you, as an ump, will get a reputation, like a coach. You may be doing 6-year-olds right now. In four years they will be 10 and the parents/coaches have watched you for four years now, on and on. In fact, I'm umping high school/college kids that I remember from when they were 8. They know if your a good ump, they know what they can get away with. Heck they know my strike zone before we start. You should be striving for them to say "I'm glad your doing our game". Youth baseball is NOT high school or college baseball. You cannot ump a youth game as you would a college or HS game--mainly because NO ONE knows the rules beyond basic baseball. You cannot discuss rules with someone that does not know them--don't waste your time. From your posts it sounds like you are doing a fine job to me.
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    I don't tolerate extending "arguing," which is always pointless. "Coach, on this kind of umpire INT, the ball is dead immediately, and runners are awarded their advance base." If he says, "That's not the rule!" I'll move on: "Anything else? Let's play ball." I've explained the rule—which he's perfectly entitled to hear—now we get going again. If he wants to get into it about whether that's a rule, I decline: "Coach, I've explained the rule. Please return to the dugout now so we can play ball." Then I'll warn, then eject, if he won't comply. I'll accompany all this with a walk back toward the dugout: he wants to keep engaging with me, and he'll have to move to do that. Any shouting, etc. short-circuits all this, and we'll move right to warnings and ejection. I'm not listening to that crap.
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    Only when you have a partner like that unless I’m missing something.
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    Jim do you price match? Asking for a friend (Arik).
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    This is runner INT. F4 is protected from OBS because he is fielding a batted ball. When R1 hinders him—even unintentionally, and contact is not necessary—it is INT. The ball is dead, the runner is out. The BR is awarded 1B, unless R1 intentionally made contact to prevent a double play (the Fed rule is different on this point). For collisions on the bases during a batted ball, it's always either INT or OBS, never a no-call. You're asking about 9U, so everyone involved is still learning, including the umpires. That's fine: that's a primary goal of instructional baseball.
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    Good practices. Calling the batter out on a dropped 3rd strike, ( And we've all done it), would be more of a timing or not tracking properly type of issue. And your best looking punch outs always seem to be on strike 2.
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    Wanted to make everyone aware we’re encouraging 2 things in the marketplace on the uniform end with leagues, associations and groups. One is to get everyone on the same page with a darker grey pant (no light or heather grey) - that means baseball and softball. The second is to reduce requirements for an all-black shoe, especially on the plate. I know someone will chime in on shirt colors, but that will always be something the marketplace wants. Plus, you’ll read further to understand why pants and shoes need to be the main 2. 1 pleated pant in base, plate and combo in one color has over 40 SKUs. Add a flat front, you’re at 80+. That’s a lot of inventory investment and space requirements for one color. 1 NB plate shoe with D, 2E and 4E is also over 40. Add the low-cut, and we’re over 80. Same issues there - just to have no-white on an N logo - actually more-so as shoes cost more and take up more space. Given that there is a huge need for smaller size plate shoes (for women, youth and others) and given there is a need for better fitting pants for the same demo, by changing these requirements, the industry could free up the large amount of investment in pants and plate shoes to provide these needs. (Getting rid of say a navy or chartreuse shirt color only takes away 7 SKUs, so I’m going 80/20 rule here with the 2 items.) This is something the manufacturers and retailers want to move toward, but as long as their is still some marketplace desire here, manufactures and retailers are going to be pressed to continue. If you have any influence on your side at your level, help press for these 2 changes: -Make Heather Grey Go Away -Sack the All-Black I have already started to press from the industry angle and will continue to do so.
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    Au contraire: better still is all the hot moms who are glad to see me.
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    Thank You for Your Service! It's good to see you're striving to improve, and by coming here and sharing your experiences and seeking advice proves it. I have read previous posts, and the one thing that stands out is in every situation, someone is yelling at you. Stop that behavior quickly! Sometime, we have to keep coaches in the game so we can educate them, not only for ourselves, but for the next guy. Not to mention, a lot of these coaches move up as their child does, at least in my area, so you're likely to see them for years to come. We have to be more professional than them. We have to gain their respect. Ejecting them doesn't get respect, it just gets you scratched A couple thing to share. Well, a few. Appearance! Shoes cleaned, shirt and pants pressed, hat cleaned and pleated , ball bags too is a start. I once went to do a game out of town, AAAA school, nice stadium, I had the dish. At the end of the plate meeting, I asked if there were any questions? One of the coaches replied, " not today, you look like you know what you're doing and I plan on sticking around". Positioning and crisp mechanics! Long fly ball down 3BL, get down there! Normally the manager is coaching third and has a better view of it. Once had the coaches son hit a shot that was definitely going over, only question was if it was fair/foul. Before he could turn around and plead his case it was fair, "FOUL"! He said, "You scared the SH*# out of me! You're the only umpire I've seen make it this far. (with a smile) Good call". I asked, "about a foot"? He replied, "ten inches". Don't yell back! Well, try not to. If you do, don't be justifiable. "Not today coach". "Time! You have something you wanna say to me coach come and talk to me, but you're not gonna yell at me from 90' away"! Sometimes it works for both sides because the other coach hears that you're not going to tolerate that behavior, as well as the players and fans. There is also the line up card technique. There is also a lot of time during the game you can have a little 1 on 1 time. I prefer " The Look". Don't have rabbit ears! What you can't hear can't offend you. Run away when you can and get back in position. Especially after a close call at the end of an inning. The coach may want to question it but he sees you running into RT CF, he may just abandon his efforts! As I understand it, you're doing games solo. Be in control but not controlling. "Coach, in my judgement..." Is a useful tool. They seem to understand their next words can have consequences. An assistant coach was coaching 1st as they usually do. The first banger of the game, of course, he jumps up yelling and signaling safe! "OUT" was my reply, along with, "Coach, if you're not going to make any OUT calls today, please don't make any SAFE ones". He smiled and nodded his head. On the next banger, I looked at him, he looked at me with his eyes wide open holding his breath trying to restrain from his usual antics. There was a disturbing pause as I pointed to him to make the call, "OUT" he said. I confirmed his call. Everyone in the ballpark laughed. One more coach I never had to worry about. This is coming from a guy who once dumped 3 coaches in 40 seconds. They deserved it but I also wanted to show I wasn't gonna tolerate their SH*#. I was the new guy in town and still here. They, on the other hand, were replaced the next season. Sometime they have to go. Make sure they deserve it. Good Luck! Disclaimer: Some things mentioned may not work for everyone.
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    Nobody puts Baby in the corner! Oh, wait ... that’s Jennifer Grey.
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    I'm in! Time to hit social media with a peaceful protest. Join in with me.............Come on guys.........you know the words!! Heather Grey - Go Away......Heather Grey - Go Away......Heather Grey - Go Away......Heather Grey - Go Away......Heather Grey - Go Away......Heather Grey - Go Away......Heather Grey - Go Away......
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    I don’t understand what your problem is @Umpire in Chief ... the rule book is for games. This was just practice ... it’s fine.
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    The All-Star LUC pads and (from what I’ve found so far) the +POS AirChamber (my name for them) are exactly the same: coated open-cell foam blocks that have been cut-to-shape, and then jacketed in two layers of microfiber and technical mesh. There is a degree of resistance to the foam used, so I liken it to the “egg-crate” foam used in road/travel cases for high-end electronics, cameras, guns, etc. I trust All-Star’s employment of these pads, because All-Star is the only manufacturer I know of to actively test (and therefore, refine) their protective products in-house, on their own rig. Easton has similarly trustworthy pads on its Speed Elite mask (which doesn’t get enough advertising love from us, BTW; it’s a very, very good hollow-steel mask, especially good for novice, developing umpires because of its minimal chin guard allowing just about any and every throat guard (TG) to be attached, and the oversized ear guards, which forgive head twitches, turns, and poor positioning). All three pads I’ve listed share a trait, though – stand-off distance, AKA “thickness”. In order to achieve adequate resistance / impedance to crushing flat during an impact, the open-cell foam has to be thicker. The lighter the frame becomes, the greater the mass of pad needed to absorb the energy, or the thicker the pad has to become to increase the stand-off distance. All-Star hit its ceiling on the thickness of the LUC pads. Thus, when they introduced the ludicrously lightweight Magnesium mask, they discovered that they couldn’t go much thicker on the pads before they became unwearable. That’s when, and why, the distributor plate was infused into the (lower) pad, so as to engage the near-entire volume of the pad during an impact instead of localized to only the point of impact. Memory foam introduces two factors into the construction and function of pads: graduated resistance & recovery, and mass. When an impacting energy strikes, the memory foam crushes with formulaic resistance. Then, it recovers back over an equally formulaic time (not instant). It’s this recovery-over-time that’s important, because that’s where all that impacting energy goes... it’s transformed into heat and a much more gradual energy used by the foam to recover its original shape. This is why memory foam pads – Wilson’s, and then Team Wendy’s Zorbiums – are so pliable when warm or hot. The foam is already using the ambient heat to “rebuild” its shape! Zorbium is merely a patented, proprietary, advanced memory foam developed by Team Wendy, much more dense than “common” memory foam, and possessing a formulaic resistance & recovery rate intended to mitigate the tremendous energy imparted during a head’s collision with a solid object. Because the pads have been engineered to handle all that energy (which is converted to heat), they are not very pliable while cold. In the desire to be more comfortable, Wilson has used a more common, less-advanced, less formulaic memory foam. It’s not bad, just not ideal. The problem (for them) becomes one of compromise – if they increase the thickness of the memory foam (obvious option), they increase the weight, which the “pro guys” don’t like, because they’re wearing a “heavier” mask for 3+ hours. If they shop around for a more formulaic foam, they increase the cost, which is another turn-off on sales. You can tell that Wilson has “designed” themselves into a corner on their mask pads – the memory foam pads are using the “tubular sausage” construction, and they’ve issued advisories that mask pads should be changed yearly. Now, to be fair, Team Wendys uses the tubular sausage construction on their mask pads, too, but I cut them a little latitude here. They’re not, nor ever have been, a baseball company. Their offering of mask pads in their Zorbium is a blessing and luxury, given the other products in Team Wendy’s catalogs that certainly command more attention and demand. They’re not issuing directives or advisories to “change your mask pads every year!”. However, do recall who is supposed to be “our” (as umpires) official and exclusive supplier, as so deigned by Major League Baseball? Hmm? Any guesses? If you can’t innovate new things to attract customers, just set up a repetitive frequency to purchases. But new things are coming, from alternative sources. Just recently, UnderArmour debuted their Windpact Crash Cloud™️ mask pads on their new FM2 “Umpire’s” Mask. Instead of relying on formulaic memory foam, these pads have air bladders inside, each with valves – like heart valves – that empty the air out when put under immediate pressure, with resistance, then refill and resume their shape. All the physics of memory foam without the mass, all the volume of open-cell foam with more resistance! Now, I’d be short-sighted if I didn’t also address leather pads. They do have their place and benefits. Leather pads are quite abrasion resistant, and wipe off reasonably well, which is important when a mask is dumped on the ground as often as a catcher’s mask does. When filled with good foam, they do cushion fairly well, and their bulk weight does very well at energy dampening and absorption. This, however, is their detractor. They’re heavier than microfiber, and get heavier when waterlogged (by sweat, especially). Leather does not do well while wet. In fact, if it stays wet, it starts to rot. On the other hand, foam, especially when compressed, wants to give water away. Consequently, in order to wick that moisture and hold it away from the leather, a lining material must be layered between the leather and the foam. Until the advent of synthetics, like what’s used in the new LMX pads from All-Star, this material was wool! It works, but adds up in heaviness and warmth. And what did we say energy was converted to? Heat! So, the All-Star LMX pads are good, as are the Honig’s K47s, and the Wilson doeskins and wrap-arounds are serviceable, but most other leather pads are token at best. Now, in regards to the Force3 Defender, and its leather pads, we have to consider this a one-off, different than any other mask on the market. Because of the active spring suspension on the double-frame mask, the only way it truly works is if the mask is snug and firm on your face. If the pads were softer or “cushier”, there wouldn’t be enough resistance to engage the springs! You’d have the entire mass of two frames compressing the pads and smacking against your face! From what I’ve read, Force3 is now infusing Kevlar into their pads, which definitely aids in energy absorption. This might be a prelude to doing the casing in microfiber, but for right now, the use of leather is not only for solid, comfortable fit, but for durability when the mask gets dumped on the ground by a catcher.
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    Its odd... my last concussion I remember having is with Team Wendy pads. That being said. Rather than blame the pads and frame. I thank them for doing their job. It rocked me pretty good. So much so it actually broke a weld on my Diamond aluminum. But that fracture and the pads doing their job changed a major concussion with another rig, to a minor one. One where I only had to avoid the plate for a week and was back on the bases 2 days later.
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    Try umpiring a wiffle ball game! Now THAT's a curve ball. Then..........when you get back to real baseball, it won't be near as difficult!
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    I've been in with the same LL & district for 21 years. You get to know people. As @LRZ and @aaluck mentioned, it's youth baseball. I have coaches that brought their kids through the program, developed friendships, etc. Now they are bringing their GRANDCHILDREN through. Does that mean I need to stop umpiring in my home town? Parents, you don't know me from Adam...............but if I miss a few calls today, little Johnny's college scholarship or draft pick will not be impacted.
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    How did you warn, what words did you use? 2x? I learned you to say “that’s enough” one time.
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    Tossed someone else from the VT so you didn't have to put up with their horse sh*t?
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    I also umpired games that my sons played in and would agree that if it was close I probably ruled against my sons so not to be accused of being biased!
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    Could also be: "Time, yes he did"
  45. 3 points
    The single most important thing: timing. Slow down: I've never seen you call pitches, but more than 99% of newer umpires call pitches too fast. Slowing down will allow your brain time to process all info sent by your senses. Track the pitch all the way into the mitt: where the mitt is when F2 catches it is crucial info for calling breaking pitches (eventually you'll see more sliders too). Stay down in your stance until your brain is done: when you get in that habit, you'll make fewer mistakes and your confidence will grow. And, to repeat advice I've given in another one of your threads: seek professional (not MLB/MiLB, but FED/NCAA) instruction. Internet umpires can't help you much with your positioning, even from photos or video (which gets flattened out).
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    I think my reluctance to eject anyone comes from two places: 1) In both of the leagues for which I am umpiring (one a "developmental" league and the other a competitive travel league), the UIC has told us to do it sparingly. One of them actually said, "Try to keep them in the game, if possible." 2) As someone said, I'm developing a reputation, and I do not want to be known as "that guy." We have a "that guy" I've seen umpiring for years before I became one, as my son made his way through Little League. Throughout our region he is known as "Grumpy Umpy." Coaches, players, parents, and other umpires all know him by that. He knows the rules and makes good calls. The problem is, every time he rules on something, he acts like the kid is a criminal and harshly scolds him for it. Sometimes he thinks everyone is there to see him, and puts on a theatrical show, strutting around in the infield after calling someone out. I showed up for some umpire training, and who should happen to be one of the instructors? Yep, Grumpy Umpy. I asked a question and he scolded me for it. Guess how many new umpires asked questions after that? Holy crap, he would make an excellent scorekeeper. I suppose in my past law enforcement career and in my Army Reserve career I have wielded actual power -- the power to take life, to take someone's freedom, violate their privacy, etc. I was very judicious in how I used it, and had a reputation as being the most squeaky clean cop you had ever heard of. But at the same time, there were multiple years where I led my department of 700 cops in felony arrests. I tangled with everything from street gangs to organized crime, and there is probably still a price on my head. I've also commanded soldiers in combat, and I faced the Republican Guard back in 2003. In my AR career, I've noticed that whenever I transfer to a new unit for career progression, a ton of young officers and older NCOs just happen to transfer to my new unit. I notice, and I'm both humbled by it while taking pride in it. So I think I have a pretty good handle on how to wield power. Comparatively, that power to remove a coach from a children's game seems rather minuscule to me. I guess if some coach thinks his entire self-worth revolves around the success of a bunch of 12 year-olds playing a game, the problem is his, not mine.
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    We have a quantity of 41. Not sure if that means we are good or crazy (probably a little of both...I just hate running out of things. We always try to overstock.)
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    I really, really like my CPU4000 for a few reasons. Removable, washable pads. Plus, ump-attire has replacement pads on sale right now for $10. If fits me like a glove. Those dips on either side just covers my last rib. The one piece that attaches to the breast plate, and goes over the top of the shoulder, is to me a superior design for protection. The Platinum and the new Diamond are the only other ones that offer this type collar bone protection. This is the one thing the new Cobalt doesn't include, that I wish it did. I love the one huge plate in the middle. Remember how the Davishield had a bunch of little plates, and that didn't work for disbursing energy? This is the opposite. This thing is #$%ing bullet proof. Plus the shoulder plates are attached to the big center plate, adding to the rigidity. So I believe the CPU4000 is the best protecting chest protector to date. It's down side is that it's a bit bulky compared to some others, especially if either size doesn't fit you well. For me, it fits like a glove. Some folks with bigger noggins will have a tough time fitting it through the neck opening, though. But once on, and with a great harness, mine just snugs up to the bottom of my neck like no other.
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    Awful punch out tho. @Richvee?
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    In OBR it's a "don't do that". The list of balks is in the rules. This isn't one of them.
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