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    Wake-up calls are usually not fun, but when a team drops the ball and is willing to pay $300 for a 7-inning DH in a couple of hours...
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    Havent been on the field since October 2013!! Ready to get back into the swing of things!!
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    Worked the plate last night in the US Championship last night, working 1B in the Big League WS championship game tonight.
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    Tough week here in the Chattanooga area. God Bless our troops and the Chattanooga Police Department!
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    Today something very odd happened, I was working the bases and my partner was motioning for me to come talk to him. Turns out the only game ball he had left was stuck in a pocket in his ball bag and he couldn't get it out, so for like 3 minutes we had to call time and I was standing there trying to pull this baseball out of his bag. I've never seen something like that happen before.
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