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    DESCRIPTION Driven by the success of the first generation of Force3 Unequal umpire chest protectors, Force3 is proud to introduce the newest addition to their protective equipment line: The Force3 V2 Ultimate Umpire Chest Protector. Building off all the feedback received from the first generation Force3 UNEQUAL™ Umpire Chest Protector, the V2 offers the same great features of the V! and adds several following substantial improvements: SECOND GENERATION FEATURES Improved "No Feel" Blast Shield Reduces impact with an additional layer of hard shell outer layer just under the neoprene cover Redesigned Comfort Harness Keeps the chest protector snug to the body Updated Padding Behind Shoulders Provides additional protection where umpires often need most New logos For an updated look MORE FEATURES (STILL INTEGRATED FROM THE FIRST GENERATION) 100% Customizable Custom fit all components to properly fit your body to provide an unprecedented level of protection no matter your body size or type. Virtually Invisible Under-the-Uniform At less than 1/2' thick, the UNEQUAL EXO system is made with DuPont™ Kevlar®, thus providing the best combination of low-profile protection. (Don’t be surprised if someone tells you that you forgot to put your chest protector on when you walk out onto the field.) Durable, Breathable, Hand Washable Neoprene Cover High-grade Space Airflow System Fabric Backing Allows for maximum comfort and airflow in warmer weather. Optional Bicep Extension Connectors attach (or easily detach) at the end of the shoulders Additional Extensions For throat, abdomen and extra wide chests with removable/adjustable wings One Size Fits All Adjustable from 12” to 16.5" and is 14” to 19” wide MORE UNEQUAL’s patented composite made with military grade DuPont Kevlar® handles the blunt force trauma from a 90+ mph fastball or a foul ball. Kevlar® has been used by law enforcement and the military for decades. Protective gear incorporating UNEQUAL’s patented composite made with Kevlar® is currently being worn to protect professional and amateur athletes including NFL and NHL players. This protector was fully designed, in conjunction with UNEQUAL Technologies, by umpires for umpires. No corners were cut and the highest grade materials are used for every part of the protector.
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    The All-Star System Seven Umpire Chest Protector is the latest hard shell chest protector designed by All-Star with input from umpires across the country. It combines the comfort features and protective details that umpires need most. A lower profile design with a system of interconnected body plates, pre-curved shoulder plates and multi-layer interior padding conforms to the body and is held securely in place with the innovative DeltaFlex harness. Large center plate disperses impact.Pre-curved shoulder plates wrap and fit snugly around shoulders right out of the box for less on-field adjusting.Repositionable padding at sides between shoulder and chest areas for custom fitBody-hugging design follows curvature of your rib cage for maximum protection and mobility.UltraCool multi-layer padding is fully removable and machine washable.Designed with a ventilation channel behind the main chest plate for maximum air circulationDeltaFlex four-point adjustable harness evenly distributes pressure for the most comfortable fit.Stainless steel rust-proof rivetsAppropriate for use at any level12" weighs approximately 3.6lbs.15" weighs approximately 4.5lbs.Unique posi-fit sizing measures approximately 12" and 15" respectively, from throat to bottom, with extended plates at ribs for an additional inch of protection where it is needed most.This product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
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    The size 17 of the DLG-LITEs has been re-designed with additional plastic outer shell just under the knee area. You'll want to purchase the 17" here to ensure you have the latest, more protective version. Diamond grid tech foam offers unsurpassed ventilation to stay cool.Strapless single-knee design prevents irritation behind the knee.Extremely lightweight plasticProtection that is up to 2lbs lighter than other brandsLow-profile design makes it feel like your not wearing shin guards.Durable snap-lock Tifco bucklesRemovable toe extensionWeight: 1.6 lbs and up This product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
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    This Product Features: Manufactured by Fechheimer, a leader in umpire pants for years Same charcoal color as worn in professional baseball 83% Polyester 17% Wool Stretch Pleated Front Double Clasp Closure Signature 3 belt loops in back Machine washable and hang to dry Elastic waistband offers 1.5" of flexibility for enhanced fit Gripper interior helps keep shirt tucked in Reinforced crotch with extra lining layer helps prevent splitting
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    Designed with the same expertise used to develop the US military’s preferred helmet pads, Team Wendy's UMPS™ umpire mask replacement padding is lightweight and comfortable. It's the first commercially available padding designed using Zorbium® foam, known for significantly lowering the impact severity index and peak acceleration forces. Manages impact up to 40% more effectively than other commercially available umpire face mask padsLowers peak acceleration forces up to 30% better than similar productsMade with Team Wendy’s energy-absorbing Zorbium® foamMachine washable and quick dryingCovered with soft, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial microfiber fabricAvailable in black or tanCompatible with most umpire face masksThis product is available at Ump-Attire.com.
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    In extreme conditions, officials turn to the McDavid Interawear Moisture Transport Hood. It can be worn to cover as much or as little of the face as you would like. Pull it over the nose for the most coverage, pull it down below the nose or to the chin for the desired level of comfort or even wear as a neck gator by pulling down the head piece. Made of heavyweight 91% Intera and 9% SpandexAvailable in black onlyOne size fits allWeight: 2.3 ouncesThis product is available at Ump-Attire.com.
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    After many years of designing, prototyping and testing, Force3 is proud to introduce the next generation of baseball face masks, the Force3 Defender. The Defender is truly an amazing technological creation that will revolutionize equipment forever. Independent tests conducted by one of the four independent National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) approved testing facilities in the world, concluded that nothing comes close to the protection as the Defender. With virtually the same footprint of a traditional mask, the Defender’s patent pending technology reduces the Severity Index of most impacts by up to 50% in most cases. *NOCSAE® does not have umpire mask standards, and that these masks have not been certified as compliant with any NOCSAE® standard. Features: Lightweight tubular chrome alloyPatent pending dual mask system with the Shock Suspension System (S3)Single bar construction for optimal viewUnequal Kevlar lined padding4 different high-impact foam padding construction with special memory comfort foam on chin and sidesPowder coated for superior finishWeighs less than 29oz.Pads available in Black, Navy, Royal, Red. This product is available from Ump-Attire.com​.
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    The Douglas Hardshell Umpire Chest Protector provides excellent mobility and protection. Known for building some of the best football protective equipment for NFL and NCAA players in the industry, Douglas has reintroduced their line of protective equipment for umpires using the same knowledge, design technology, and craftsmanship they have built their name on. Hard shell protectionLightweight contoured designFitQuick release strapsFeatures Douglas "ATS" with Qualux foamMade in the USA in Houston, TX15" shown in photo gallery with 3 plates; 13" and 12" have 2 plates.Weighs approximately 3lb.This product is available from Ump-Attire.com.
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