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  2. At least UIC was honest in how he got his first varsity game. That same scenario with another 60+ umpire in many areas who was in the right place at the right time, would turn into a story to all the young guys of how hard it was to move up and get their first varsity game in the old days when they started and how much time he had to put in just to make varsity. Many places are indentured servitude. Like that State on the Ocean that made a former AAA umpire go start out with the first year umpire cadet program after working 1000+ professional games? Basically like making him go back to umpire school again. Once again old heads with that indentured servitude attitude to keep their own games and keep the newer guys out, while a lot of them got a quick break years ago like UIC, and not too long ago I read about a guy who was finally getting a JV game after either 6 or 9 years in Middle School. Assuming his availability or skill level was not just out of this world horrible, that is way to long. But if that is what he enjoyed, my hat is off to him. Sometimes, you just might need to set a time limit, just like in a real job for a promotion, and if things do not work out, either switch to another group, or maybe even take up another sport. Volleyball anyone. Out of the elements. Games quicker?? or Go for linesmen or chair umpire at the US Open. Many of the guys and girls (Chair) you see make 70,000 pounds (87k US) to 180,000 (oops 170,000) (211,000k US) pounds per year???????????????? depending on seniority and ability. I am still trying to find that article that mentioned the above salary for the Gold Badge Men and Women, because I just about fainted. However, as of right now I can only find the 75k-80k article for the top flight Chair umpires. A lot work the ATP circuit in which some tournaments are more highly rated, as well as the Majors, Davis Cup, Olympics, Laver Cup, etc. aha found it. https://www.sportseon.com/money/tennis-chair-and-line-umpires-salaries/
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  4. BTW, this play occurred on a varsity field.
  5. When Haywood High School declined to "add any extra games" to 2019 baseball head coach Jeff "Dusty" Rhodes' two-game suspension for his two-plus minute post-ejection tirade at an umpire during the Tennessee State tournament, principal Latonya Jackson's (in)action added to a critical chain of events... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
  6. Cobra and Wilsons have been sold.
  7. I just sent Jason Klein a message about how to get one and will let you know if I hear anything from him.
  8. Dude, you would be considered one of the young umpires to join our association. I swear our new guys are all over 65. I call them sir just to piss them off. When you started Abner Doubleday was the coach and all of the kids had their own handlebar moustaches.
  9. Getting anybody young nowadays is a real chore so I would advise you to either contact your local high school association or, if there is no local association, contact the closest high school varsity baseball coach. The coach should be able to point you in the right direction. Or, even better, attend a high school game and talk with the umpires. Try to sit in during their pre game and post game. Keep your mouth shut unless asked to speak. And get contact info for their association.
  10. Call them. Their customer service has been absolutely outstanding. A piece of the V3 protector I had purchased had loose stitching, and they shipped me a replacement part that day. They take care of their customers.
  11. Yes there was a significant good ol boy system at that time. When that group wouldn't consider me for college ball I went out and got it on my own, and while I don't want to say I had consequences, it didn't help me (with them) and I'd term it as being politically damaged. (Old school politics involved with it that pre-dated me and some people couldn't let it go) It did make a change. Overall for the better. They gave guys shots at college ball and advancing, and let them have a try and see how they do, they would put the rookie on a crew with 2 vets that wouldn't let the rookie flounder. They even did this for me, I had several years of college exp but the first few games on the field for them they put me on a stacked crew to mitigate any damage I could do. For some it was a one-time shot, for others, it gave them the opportunity to challenge themselves and prove they could do it.
  12. I view this as somewhat of a loaded question because the avenues to advance and move up are so varied and there are so many variables. Here are some random takes and perspectives. Ive been, at times for a brief minute, been jealous of others who have broken into upper level college baseball. But that brief moment of jealousy goes away when I remember they went to pro school, toiled in the minors for a while, and then busted a$$ to get on the radar in college. That entails significant travel and personal sacrifices. When we see those guys on tv working a NCAA regional, super regional, and/or CWS we sometimes don't also think of all the sacrifices they made over the prior 10-30 years to get to that point. Nothing wrong with sacrifices, but there's only so much time in the day and we all choose where and how to best spend it. Even the idea of breaking into JUCO/D3 type college games doesn't do much for me when I think of all the sacrifices. I can't work afternoon weekday games and am not willing to drive significant distances. I have a friend trying to break into college football and our other friends are confused and baffled by the distances he drives for a D3 game on a weekend. But those are the sacrifices you have to make. Politics and the good ol boys network can be a double edged sword. Once you get into that group or impress some of those people and it benefits your career, we don't also say "hey I'm so lucky to be politically connected." Our state association puts on baseball clinics in a few areas of the state each February and March. They are a complete joke - disorganized, poor instruction....basically a complete waste of time. I haven't been to one in a while but I know my lack of presence every year hurts my state tournament chances and my ability to get my name out to people with the state. Its hard for me to go to these when it feels like a giant ripoff. But the guys who march in line and show up and pay get better opportunities. I don't think advancing to the point of a good high school umpire is all that hard. A lot of us work high school in a small area where all the top guys are known. Most are serious umpires who enjoy the profession and craft and at the end of the day want to work with strong partners they can trust in a big game. Just don't do anything stupid and piss off important people and moving up to be a top varsity level umpire is not that hard. I think sometimes where guys can be better which will help their advancement includes thinking and acting like a top umpire in terms of presence, handling situations, and being a good crew mate.
  13. @The Man in Blue I have sent you a message.
  14. @Rich Ives was addressing your concern, as did @noumpere of a "stream of kids". Your OP did not have a "new" pitcher. LL ruled it OK that that pitcher could be replaced even after he warmed up because he was not a new pitcher.
  15. You absolutely can. I just turned 54, and I'm certainly not on edge of the age-graph in my group here!
  16. For the basic question - for HokieUmp, LLC only - my only advancement is to the college ranks. And for the "why is it hard" question, it's several things, but mostly, the answer would be "*I'm* the problem." The first time I was in Virginia, there was still some "old boy" hindrances, in that the commish and others seemed to feel they had to vouch for you, or otherwise "sign off" on those that wanted to go the college route. And they held pretty firm to dues-paying - but in my opinion, sometimes overly so; if someone's good enough, they should get that look, regardless of tenure. @Umpire in Chief could speak to that, if he wants - we were in the same group a number of years, and he was one of my first partners in EOA. That seemed to change in my second run - they weren't as concerned. In fact, the attitude seemed to change to "if you want to do college, do it - it makes us look better!" And that's when I thought about it, but chose not to. Why? Well, at least in Virginia, it seemed, the college games were controlled by a couple guys. And they all wanted you to attend their clinics. Smart or hard-headed, I chose not to attend yet more clinics, and spend more money, for a "firm maybe" of anything coming of it. This will never be my living, but something I want to enjoy. And doing what I just mentioned was going to push more of the joy out of it. Do I lack ambition? Probably, based on that and my "real" job. Can I still get games? Yeah - and not just because of a shortage of umpires, but because my assignors know they can send me about anywhere, and there likely won't be a SH*#storm nor a series of phone calls about "THAT F*#King guy!" (I *am* now a cowboy, though, per my War Story.) And moving doesn't help, since one "restarts" every time one moves. Since I started in 2003, I've lived in Australia (03-06), Virginia (07-11), Japan (11-14), Virginia (14-18), and Texas (-present). And health can stop people, too. But for me, I guess I allowed it to be harder, and was unwilling to do the things needed to work with a totally different group.
  17. Maybe I should start another thread but I think my question is related. I love all the advice here about advancing. My scenario is I got started real late doing my youngest's LL games. No as I approach 60 I have more time and am looking toward retirement in a few years to do a lot more umpiring. All I've done is youth ball and LL - is there any chance for me to get into HS level ball?
  18. Got it. Correct. But this is not re-entry for Jones, as he has not been out of the game yet. Smith is now out of the game. Incorrect description: Jones is in the game in the 4 spot and when he bats that is not re-entry, nor is he batting for Smith. When the role of the DH ended, Jones had sole possession of the 4 spot and bats for himself. This is Smith's re-entry and is legal. Smith now occupies the 4 spot and Jones is out of the game (his, Jones's, re-entry is intact). You lost me. Smith was still DH when he reached base; Jones came in to run for him, and that act eliminated the role of DH and sent Smith out of the game. The way we teach the FED DH is to think in terms of the lineup. Ordinarily, the offensive and defensive roles of each lineup spot are occupied by the same person: they play in the field, then they bat. But the DH splits the roles: one player in the field, the other plays offense. When either one does the other's job, then the role of the DH ends. In your situation, Smith was the offensive player, and Jones defensive. Jones ended the role of the DH when he did the other guy's job and played on offense (ran for Smith). At that point, he has sole possession of the 4th lineup spot and had to play both roles. The other piece that confuses people is re-entry: both players are starters and have re-entry. They're not out of the game until subbed for or the role of the DH ends, and are then eligible to enter in the same lineup spot for the other player.
  19. I looked on their site and they don’t have them for sale. I suppose i could call them. Thanks
  20. Now you're just showing off. hahaha Rightly so however!
  21. HenryS

    Pitching Change

    Well @Rich Ives, this is Little League and Williamsport rules it was ok.
  22. AGREE 100%. I do believe I stated "if the shoe fits". I too have a former JR umpire, went to the school, and currently in the CPL. I have no doubt that if he doesn't move up this year, he will be doing high level varsity ball during his first year in our HS chapter (next year) before he has to report. Some got it, some don't. Some work for it, some won't.
  23. Trevor, Does F3 sell just the replacement neck piece? I'd bet they could get you one at a fair price. I'd hope they could at least. It seems these get lost often from the ones I see for sale. The wings on the side, the neck and the abdomen extension seem to be missing a lot when these come up for sale. Good luck!
  24. @The Short Umpire I do have a Mizuno shovel to put on there as well.
  25. Standard LUC pads. The big one is too bulky for me. I put the con-cushion on top pad. Good to go.
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