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    infield fly ruling

    A "Force" Play is when the runner is required to advance to the next base due to the action of the batter. On an IFF the batter is out, the runners are not "forced" to advance to the next base.
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  4. Found this in the Wendelstedt Umpire Manual. I don't have the latest one, but I am unaware of any rules changes on this play over the last few years:
  5. I can vouch for Odo-Ban as well. Good stuff and easy found at most retailers.
  6. On deck alternate umpire in dressing room in case needed. Then no 10 minute change like is happening right now. Quit being cheep and have the alternate ready and waiting just in case in the umpires room. Basketball has alternate at table ready and waiting in case of injury. Only during playoffs, not regular season.
  7. Is that the umpire hater dugout basher in left field that could not catch a fly ball that had a hang time of 15 seconds. Do the umpires get to go berate him for his pitiful play and bang a bat on his helmet. Just pitiful. But he is living with the angels since they left the runner on 2nd. Probably doesn't even get an error since he did not touch the ball.
  8. Aren't you pointing a lot at the floor in your newest sport officiating endeavor, to signal the ball is in and a point? In a close game, you are pointing 30 or more times. If the match goes best of 3 that's 90 times or more. Lot of pointing going on.
  9. Or do the politician point with your thumb.
  10. Customer service 101 ...never point. Always “karate chop” like @yawetag’s volleyball diagram. (Side note: If you see somebody point with two fingers, odds are they worked for Disney.)
  11. So his mother and father can relive their high school glory days ... Oh, and it’s going to pay for his college.
  12. Looking back, the OP never mentioned the reason for posing the question. Conversation just drifted towards intentional walks. No, you can’t pull the goalie.
  13. For hats/mask, or throwing your glove at it, absolutely - that's detached equipment. Fielding bare handed or trying to/successfully kicking it are not illegal.
  14. Sure, there are rules against fielding a pitch, a thrown ball or a batted ball with detached equipment. Attempting to stop the ball with your foot is none of those. And kicking it as opposed to muffing it changes nothing on this play. Both are missed attempts at fielding the ball.
  15. Something like this, only pointing at the pitcher (and using the right hand)?
  16. Curious are there any rules that talk about fielding a ball with improper equipment. IE ball cap or catchers mask To me that ball was not "deflected" he kicked it. Yes its deflected off his foot but he put a hockey move on it. Just curious if there is anything like rulings against not using a glove to field the ball.
  17. This is similar - 3:05 mark - https://vimeo.com/114823813 He discusses it at 10:08
  18. https://vimeo.com/hiler
  19. I don’t remember if it was in a video bulletin or it’s own video. Regardless, we don’t even need it because it’s codified in NCAA: 2-51 A.R. 5 If a fielder chases after a deflected batted ball ahead of a runner’s arrival and is in the act of picking up the ball (fielding) when contact is made by an offensive player, interference is the call. If the fielder is chasing after the deflected batted ball and contact is made between the two players, obstruction should be the call.
  20. Can you give some clues and I'll research the video
  21. That’s what I have. I am assured by all responders that I’m wrong for NCAA and OBR. They claim that the fielder can not regain his protection once he has to chase the ball. Hiler said this was interference a couple of years ago but I haven’t been able to find the video yet because I haven’t had time.
  22. ArchAngel72

    catcher position

    Because he already substituted in for Sam
  23. Sorry meant closed finger open hand gesture LOL got distracted while typing that left out a portion picture reaching out to shake hands but thumb tucked
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