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    Get to Know- JaxRolo

    Umpire in Chief

    Get to Know JaxRolo


    Just the Facts

    Name: Rolando Almaguer

    Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

    Umpire-Empire member since January 2010

    Over 4000 posts at the time of this article.

    When did you begin umpiring? In 2009 after a 20 year layoff.

    What levels of baseball do you call? High School and travel ball.


    Beyond Umpiring

    Favorite movie: Any horror or action Movie

    Favorite TV Show: 24, CSI, Criminal Minds

    Favorite Music: 70's & 80's music

    Family: Wife, 2 Sons, Brandon (21)- Graduating from Police academy next Month. Matthew (25) Paralegal, Applying to Law School.

    Job: IT Specialist for National Park Service.

    How does it effect your umpiring? No effect on Umpiring if I need time off for games they are ok with it.

    What did you do before that? Retired Navy 26 years as an Electronics Technician. Retired as a Chief Petty Officer.

    More about JaxRolo: Love to Golf when I get the chance. Work on Computer. Create Websites.

    Back to Umpiring

    How did you get back into umpiring? Wife and I playing with our new puppy at an Empty Baseball park. I told my wife I wanted to Umpire again. The very next day I hear a commercial on a radio station about an Association looking for Umpires. Figured it was fate so I signed up.

    Tell us about one of your proudest moments umpiring? Had the Plate at a Varsity Baseball game. It was a great game 1-0. There was excitement in the air. Wasn't sure what was going on. Figured maybe a no-hitter. It was actually a Perfect Game! And with the losing team only allowing 1 base Hit. After the game the losing HC and the Pitcher came to me and said I had done a great job for both teams.

    Tell us your favorite umpiring war story. Once I was working a rec ball game where a batter hit a dribbler down the 1st base line and the Batter-Runner kicked the ball as he passed it. I called him out and the coach went ballistic. Came running at me and punched me on the chest protector. I stopped the game. Call the police and pressed charges.

    Are there any professional umpires you follow? I like to watch all Umpires work a game Pro or Amateur I kinda like to watch Angel Hernandez.

    If you could change any baseball rule in any code what would it be? I would like to change the OBR OBS to be like the HS OBS. No Type A or B. No Immediate dead ball.

    What is your favorite piece of equipment? My $33 Champro Magnesium that is Powder Coated Silver with Grey Wilson Pads.

    If you weren't umpiring, how would you spend your extra time? More golf.

    What else would you like to share about yourself? My wife says I am obsessed with Umpiring. I always have a rule book, case book or some kind of umpire manual or video.


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