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SWMBO at it again.....

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so every a new piece of WHATEVER comes out, I send the link to SWMBO and remark something like, check this out,  or Do you think it works?  or What do you think?  Well, apparently, SWMBO KEEPS A LIST that I was unaware of.  I'm downstairs in the man cave this past Saturday night, watching some tv through half open eye lids and here she comes.......smart phone in hand.   "So, what else do you need?  I asked what in the world she was talking about.  SWMBO says  "I'm $6.43 away from getting free shipping!"  yeah, no $#!t.  She decided to get me a couple more pair of compression shorts, the UMPLIFE 8 hat cap carrier and several "other items".  After several times of going through the "Honey, I don't need all of these things, I just wanted you to see them" (KNOWING that's she'll stick to her guns and have a reason for ordering everything).  I added a pair of Easton sunglasses.............

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