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Pretend this is high school, obstruction? Out for hurdling?

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I still see this as hurdling, or attempting to hurdle, a player with the ball. Not simply jumping over outstretched arms - to me, that's a one handed tag, maybe the catcher is diving or kneeling and trying to reach. I don't have this as simply foot hitting an outstretched arms, as the situation above presents as legal.

He also knocks his mask off with his hand it appears (photo 3 plus the full video). That sure seems like jumping over more than just an outstretched tag attempt.

Catcher then also goes spiraling down from the momentum of Harper hitting him with his hand (and maybe feet? Tough to tell). With all the HS safety rules in place, I find it hard to believe that this is looked upon as a legal play at the HS level.

First glance live with our TV angle, I have this as an illegal slide. You really have to zapruder the hell out of this to try to convince me that this is legal, and even then, I'm not convinced. We can see this different ways, but if I had one look at this live speed like I did (even if I'm on the field) I have an illegal slide.

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