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Back again, in an "Internet Umpire" way....

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Hey fellas.  Who's got two thumbs, hair growing back, and isn't dead yet?  THIS guy!

I've been back on and off, as you might have seen over the summer, with my usual smart-ass commentary, as opposed to actually contributing.  But my last chemo was on 14 September, and I was told I'm in remission.  I talked to a stem-cell transplant specialist, and he felt with my flavour of lymphoma - a pretty rare one - there wasn't the volume of data that said a transplant was worth going through at this point.  It's still something in the toolbox for later, and maybe I'll never need his services.  Time will tell.

Not sure if I'm in for the 2019 season.  While I'm doing a decent amount of walking with my dog, I'm not sure that I could do a 2+ hour game, and all the crouching and running and whatnot.  I've made contract with a group here, and will go through their training, and then see if it's worth paying all the TASO fees or not.  I don't want to push it, but I also feel like if I delay too long, I'll never get back out there.

Anyway, hope all are well.  Merry Christmas, and enjoy the rest of the 'off-season.'  Take care!

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Wonderful to see you back.  

Sending good thoughts your way for continued forward progress kicking cancer's ass!!!

Merry Christmas to you!

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