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Pitch from the windup without winding up

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Sometime in the past there was an NCAA interp that did not allow a pitcher to just rear back and throw without winding up. But a current interp from Randy Bruns in the NCAA spreadsheet appears to allow it now as long as you don't judge a QP. I think the difference is that the old interp was during the period where NCAA had no foot position limits and a sideways pitcher was legal to windup but would just throw without winding up to catch the batter off guard.

"Can a pitcher in a legal pitching position step forward without taking a step back or to the side and deliver a pitch?

Yes provided the meet all the requirements of a legal pitching position. This has not changed from last year. The Batter, Catcher and Umpire would all have to be ready. The pitcher can not step forward, then backward in the windup movement. The Rule currently states the pitcher can step back or sideways, and then forward with his free foot (only one step forward)"

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