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On 11/3/2018 at 2:16 PM, Guest Marie said:

What happens when the umpire yelld

at something and causes the pitcher to stop her windup

k - I'm going to make a leap here.  With the word "her" I'm going softball - yes, I'm fully aware that there are female baseball players and some of them pitch...I'm just playing math here...there's about a 99% chance this is softball and I'll gladly be wrong 1% of the time.

So, first, in softball there are no balks.  The reason is there are no leadoffs, so there are no runners to deceive.  The runner can't leave until the ball leaves the pitcher's hand.  Illegal pitches, yes.  Balks no.   Stopping the windup is an illegal pitch, and umpire yelling aside, it's a ball to the batter and a base for the runner(s).

Second, as stated above, it does depend on what the umpire yelled at and why - "the umpires yells at something".   What would an umpire yell at - during the wind up:

  1. The runner left early - umpire yells time, runner out.  That's a dead ball.  There is no pitch.  So, it doesn't matter if the pitcher stops or not.   Runner out, other runners return. No pitch.
  2. Some other reason to call "time" (eg. batter requested time and ump granted it) - again, nothing.  That kills the play.  No pitch.  No illegal pitch.  No nothing.
  3. An illegal pitch - pitcher already did something illegal, so ump calls it.  Again, doesn't matter.  It's technically a delayed dead ball and the pitch can be thrown and hit, but it doesn't matter.  Ump can't call two illegal pitches on the same pitch.
  4. The umpire yelled at a coach/player who was arguing a previous play/pitch.  Or maybe runner on first and first baseman are beaking at each other, so ump is telling them to knock it off - I would argue if he's not calling "time" he shouldn't be yelling anything.  If he did inadvertently yell for some other reason, not realizing the pitcher started the wind up, he, and/or his partner, should be calling a "no pitch", not an illegal pitch...but I don't think they "have" to...it would just be irresponsible and petty if they didn't.   If he is the only umpire, and he yelled something from behind the plate, then he should know why he yelled (or ump has Tourette Syndrome)

And then the other possibility is it wasn't the umpire who yelled, generating a different discussion.   Regardless, I find it highly unlikely that it's number four - the umpire isn't yelling at his wife in the stands (not if he knows what's good for him).  If he's yelling, it's probably play-related and probably renders the stopped windup moot.

In the end - what happened?  Who yelled what?  Who ruled what?

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Not only what the umpire yelled, but why? Did he call a balk/illegal pitch? 

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