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Interesting Touch of Home Plate

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Looks like good preventive officiating on several accounts.

By standing on the plate, the rest of the team could not play surround sound as Frazier got closer and closer, and prevent the umpire from getting a good look at the touch, therefor not having to invoke the Merkle's bonehead rule due to the situation.

For health purposes, prevented the player from possibly trying to jump as high as he could and land on the plate, thereby breaking a leg as more than one player has done.

It also acknowledged (not to be confused with congratulations) that the game was officially over for all intents and purposes without giving a tip of the cap or fist bump that caused past problems.

And, it also acknowledged that the game was not going into the 10th inning and setting Mr. Hallion up for another possible 15 day concussion situation that happened the last time he went into the 10th inning. This prevented another call up situation so close to the end of the year, with so many umpires out of the line up for various reasons and injuries.

It may (who knows) also have conveyed that, being so close to the end of the year, this would be the last meeting for all involved for the remainder of the season, so everyone could play the don't worry, be happy song, if all parties by chance have a past history.

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