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Interference or no Interference?

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    • By Mad Mike
      How would you handle this?
      Bases Loaded, 2 outs, high pop fly to short-stop. Runners going on contact. R2 clips shortstop. Umpire rules interference; however, R3 had crossed plate before interference was called. 
      I have a group that is giving different answers: Timing Play (score the run), R2 forced to advance and interferes (thus treat as force out on the interfering runner) no run scores, or no run can score on interference-ball is dead--call interfering runner out, inning over with no runs scoring. If there were less than 2 out, return all runners TOP--call interfering runner out, BR goes to first.
      What is the best rule reference for this situation?
    • By Richvee
      I thought I had a good handle on this type play, now I'm wondering....
      With R2 on second moving on the pitch, B1 hits a grounder in the hole at short. F5 comes over to field the ball, but it passes through his legs. As F6 is about to make the play, R2 inadvertently brushes into him.When the play ends, R2 is on third and B1 is on first.
      a. the play stands
      b. B1 is out
      c. R2 is out
      d. R2 must return to secon
      answer C. regardless of the ball passing F5, even if he deflected it as long as  F6 has a play on the ball, R2 must avoid him. Interference is the call....all codes.  (Different story if the ball hits the runner )
    • By jms1425
      R3, less than two outs.
      Ground ball to F4, but the batter's follow through hits the catcher. We have a 4-3 put out at first and run comes in to score.
      A) call batter out for interference, return R3
      B) this is nothing - play stands
      C) call interference, return batter to plate and return R3
      D) let the defense choose from B or C above?
      E) something else?
    • By BeeCee
      Runner on third, 1 out.  Ball is popped up to shallow right field.  Runner does not wait for the catch and just runs home.  Right fielder does not make the catch but when the runner realizes they should have waited to possibly tag up they have already touched the plate.  They turn around and start running back to third thinking the RF made the catch.  The RF sees the runner  going back to third and throws the ball, overthrowing third.  Batter eventually gets to third on the overthrow.  There is an exception to the Interference rule that says just continuing to run the bases for a retired runner does not constitute interference.  However, was this continuing to run?  There is no call for a score so I don't think you can blame the RF for attempting the play unlike when a runner is called out.  Interference or no?