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Force 3 V3 Chest Protector

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Interesting.  Oddly enough, F3 website doesn't mention it.


From UA:


Building off feedback from the 2nd generation Force3 Ultimate Umpire Chest Protector, the V3 offers the same great low-profile and customizable features of the V2 plus two new features to reduce impact at higher velocity.


  • Improved "No Feel" Blast Shield
    Now 3 mm thick, an additional layer of hard shell plastic just under the neoprene cover
  • Added Special Absorption Foam Layer
    A hard density layer under the Blast Shield
  • New Logos
    Harness and protective neck piece feature current Force3 logos


  • 100% Customizable
    Custom fit all components to properly fit your body to provide an unprecedented level of protection no matter your body size or type.
  • Virtually Invisible Under-the-Uniform
    Just over 1/2” thick, the UNEQUAL EXO system is made with DuPont™ Kevlar®, thus providing the best combination of low-profile protection
  • Durable, Breathable, Hand Washable Neoprene Cover
  • High-grade Space Airflow System Fabric Backing
    Allows for maximum comfort and airflow in warmer weather.
  • Comfort Harness
    3 center layers of air flow fabric, open cell foam and neoprene plus stronger elastic keeps the chest protector snug to the body and in place
  • Padding Behind Shoulders
    Provides additional protection where umpires often need most
  • Adjustable in Neck Area
    For added comfort
  • Optional Bicep Extension
    Connectors attach (or easily detach) at the end of the shoulders
  • Additional Extensions
    Abdomen and extra wide chests with removable/adjustable wings
  • One Size Fits All
    Adjustable from 12” to 16.5" and is 14” to 19” wide
  • Weight
    3 pounds 10 ounces


UNEQUAL’s patented composite made with military grade DuPont Kevlar® handles the blunt force trauma from a 90+ mph fastball or a foul ball. Kevlar® has been used by law enforcement and the military for decades. Protective gear incorporating UNEQUAL’s patented composite made with Kevlar® is currently being worn to protect professional and amateur athletes including NFL and NHL players. This protector was fully designed, in conjunction with UNEQUAL Technologies, by umpires for umpires. No corners were cut and the highest grade materials are used for every part of the protector.

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Sometimes, webmasters are a bit tardy in updating. Consider, too, that Force3 may be trying to sell off the UnEqual V2 stock on hand, and doesn’t want to confuse customers.

If the V3 is sporting a new logo on the high chest, then I did see one in person. My partner last week was wearing his “brand new” UnEqual.

Either way, from the read of the description, the sternum blast plate was thickened, there’s an additional layer of EVA foam to supplement the Kevlar, and the custom fit options have been optimized.

Note that the neoprene outer skin is there for two purposes: 1) to seal and protect the Kevlar from UV light (which would cause it to decay) and 2) to reduce damage to your shirts and jackets when an impact does happen.

All this updating spells one thing for me –bring on the Big Leagues!! 

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We're doing a product review for the V3 next week & you can see it up close, IF you don't have the V2. 

We will be featuring the key points of the blast shield, the foam layer and showing you what the new logos on the V3 look like.

Hopefully up on our YouTube channel (or the UE forum for our videos) by Tuesday morning. I've got a late afternoon game and won't be back into KY until 9a or 10a.

I'd say Tuesday is more likely.

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I still wish I could see a cut away of what the inside of what the V2 and V3 look like. 

But I also understand why that hasn' happened.

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This might make me spring for it. But $300 is a lot to spend to try something 

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