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Parents and Assistants Save Him

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11u, Fed Rules with mods, bottom of the 1st, I''m PU.  Batter sharply fouls pitch off the catchers glove for a foul ball, which I call immediately.  Offensive HC wants Catcher Interference.  He comes down and asks, I say I don't have it, he goes on for me to ask my partner (who was in A), I say (in not my strongest moment) "no, what will he have 70 feet away that I don't have."  Coach keeps going on so I give him the stop sign and tell him that's enough while starting to move towards the first base line (away from the third base coach box where he started).  He starts to wind up again for another round, and I start to mentally prepare myself to issue the written warning to put him in the dugout the rest of the game, however, what seems to be all of his parents and assistants, in unison, (as if this is rehearsed for this situation) say his first name and some of his assistants plead for him to walk away.  And he listens to them and returns to his box.

Game ends without further incident.  Just never had that happen after all these years.

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