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Used Wilson Dyna-Lite Mask with Tan Leather wraparounds AND West Vest Harness in good shape

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$30 plus shipping. Frame is in great shape, no bends or cracks. Pads show some wear but still have a season or two of wear. Harness is an original West Vest with the WV logo instead of the Wilson Gold W or the MLB full color logo that I love but so many umpires dislike. In fact, I cut the MLB logo off the lower pad Velcro strap because I like it so much.  The MLB logo was supposedly modeled after Harmon Killebrew (Kill-A-Brew? Haha), one of my favorites as a kid.DAF75AEF-A3A4-42FB-B04E-933BB531C698.thumb.jpeg.b9c711a8d8f55ea9c9f0ebf159d2eab2.jpeg



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