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Use 1st names

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Just now, stkjock said:

I think I take offense at this comment...... :D 

For umpires, it's closer to 75%... Maybe  more... 

Don't worry, I'll join that statistic in 20 years or so.

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On 3/18/2018 at 10:49 PM, ElkOil said:

What do you tell people to call you? "Blue?" "Ump?" "Mister LRZ?" It's interesting to me that you're more comfortable with someone calling you generic titles instead of your own name that you've had your whole life. In my chapter they emphasize being approachable to high school players and coaches since the endeavor is primarily an educational one and we're there to officiate and help when we can. I introduce myself to everyone with my first name, though they rarely remember it. I'm with @Richvee and feel it's refreshing when they do. But as a matter of positive social interaction, like anywhere else in my life, I introduce myself by name.  Whether anyone uses it or not is a different story.

While it wasn't a player, it made my day when a pitching coach remembered my name and asked a question respectfully after the bottom of the 4th.  The pitching coach was Phil Niekro, so that didn't hurt.

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