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LL Catcher's Headgear

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I don't do LL, but someone has a question about the headgear requirements for catchers. Can anyone cite the relevant rules for that?

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1.17 - All male players must wear athletic supporters. Male catchers must wear the metal, fiber or plastic type cup, and a long- model chest protector. Female
catchers must wear long or short model chest protectors. [Intermediate (50-70) Division/Junior/Senior League Baseball / Junior/Senior League Softball catchers
must wear approved long or short model chest protector] All catcher’s must wear chest protectors with neck collar, throat guard, shin guards and a catcher’s helmet,
all of which must meet Little League specifications and standards, and bear the NOCSAE stamp. All catchers must wear a mask, “dangling” type throat protector and
catcher’s helmet during infield/outfield practice, pitcher warm-up and games. NOTE: Skullcaps are not permitted. Warning! Manufacturers have advised that altering
helmets in any way can be dangerous. Altering the helmet in any form, including painting or adding decals (by anyone other than the manufacturer or authorized
dealer) may void the helmet warranty. Helmets may not be re-painted and may not contain tape or reapplied decals unless approved in writing by the helmet
manufacturer or authorized dealer
A.R.—Wearing of a catcher’s helmet with mask and dangling throat guard (even if the mask has a wire extension) is required during games, pitcher warmup,
and any form of infield or infield/outfield practice. The “Hockey Style” helmet is authorized for use at all levels of play.The “dangling” throat guard still
must be attached properly.

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Basically, if I remember correctly, the head gear requirements are the same as High School with the added requirement of a dangling throat guard.

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