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Appeal of pulled foot

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4 hours ago, Umpire in Chief said:

I'd use caution with this.  Things happen...even with no one aboard. If I feel in doubt, I will ask. And I've worked with many phenomenal umpires who are many hundreds of times better than me and they will come for help. The only times I will not ask is if I am absolutely confident in my call or to appease a coach. 

That's where my qualifier comes in. If BU is doing his job, then he will be able to anticipate the things that happen and adjust for them. In the handful of times that someone has gone to me for help from A on a pulled foot, they did not make the proper adjustment.

I've had this conversation with others...I've racked my brain trying to think of something that could happen that BU would not be able to control, and I've come up with nothing.

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On 9/25/2017 at 9:05 PM, grayhawk said:

It's not proper to "go to your partner" from across the field (except on check swings).  Call time and discuss the matter with him privately.  Doing it publicly puts him on the spot.  Perhaps he was watching R2's touch at third base (his responsibility) at the critical moment at first.

As Cav said, the current mechanic is to make your call and then, when requested by the coach (if you feel it's warranted), discuss the call privately with your partner to see if he has any information that you were missing when you made your call.  You can then decide whether you will stick with YOUR call, or change YOUR call.

In this situation, it is more important to watch for the possible pulled foot. not the touch of R2 possibly touching

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