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TCU - NC State balk

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My apologies if this was posted before, but I can't find it. What is the violation here?



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I agree. I've got nothing.  The hand wiping on the pant leg before coming set is awkward, but not a visible violation.  Ballsy call in this type of situation and very surprising a 4-man crew in a Regional Final does not get together on this one.  

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3 hours ago, humanbackstop19 said:

very surprising a 4-man crew in a Regional Final does not get together on this one

I'm not sure it is surprising. U3 evidently had enough to rule a balk. What would the discussion be, "are you sure?" That's not a reason to get together. Umpires at this level know what NCAA wants balked, so there's no rule/interpretation issue, and there's no point discussing judgment.

2 hours ago, noumpere said:

Maybe he didn't clear the rubber when stepping off

Maybe, but that's awfully tight. If NCAA guidance on borderline F1 actions is the same as OBR, we'd consider advantage/disadvantage to rule on it. There's no disadvantage here.

The camera angles provided don't show the kind of obvious act we'd expect to be balked in such a situation. U3 must have something from his angle that we can't see. I'm 100% he didn't make this up.

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Man, I gotta be honest, even looking for the front leg moving at 1:07, I don't see squat. Is it because he wiped his pitching hand on his pants then went straight to the ball just before comes set (and all before he steps off)?

I just don't see anything here.

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    • By David3
      If a pitcher's Windup position is very similar to a set position with runner/s on bases he has to announce this windup pitching to umpires under rule 5.07(a)(2) Comment. Is there a balk if he announces Windup and uses the set motion?
    • By clawdad
       This happened during a game one of my fellow umpires was working. I was asked the question on whether this is a balk or not. Hopefully I can describe it well enough for you all to give me your thoughts.  I wasn't there, so this is based on how it was described to me.
      NFHS:  F1 starts in the stretch, leaning in to get his signs.  Once he does, he begins to come set.  During his motion to come set, his non pivot foot comes to a complete stop, but the F1 continued to bounce his hands (still together) up and down in front of his body from about navel to sternum.  After a couple of bounces, he comes to a complete & discernible stop prior to delivering the pitch. A balk was called, because - I was told - the hand movement did not constitute one continuous motion. 
      I was under the impression that as long as something was moving during the motion to come set then it was part of "one continuous motion."  If he had paused completely at some point and then did the hand bounce, I can see the balk for a double set.  But since the hands were moving from his initial move to come set, he was OK as long as he came to a complete stop prior to delivery.  If there was no complete stop then you could get the no-stop balk.
      Is this a balk?  I think there is a MLB pitcher who does something similar, but I can't think of his name.
      Thanks for the input.
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      Fed rules.  RHP.  R1 and R2 with one out.  F3 is playing behind runner at 1st (F1).  F1 steps and throws to 1B.  Throw is not to F3, but is straight at the bag.  F3 does not catch the pick-off, but does is quickly into possession after ball hits wall close to 1B.  Is this a balk in the FED book?
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      Had 2 different situations in our game tonight I want to ask the group and see if we did it right. FED Varsity.
      Situation 1
      Visiting Team is batting. #12 is up to bat with a 3-0 count. Home team coach comes and out and mentions "The lineup says #19 is supposed to be at bat, they don't have a #12 on the lineup anywhere." The coach wanted an out which was incorrect no matter what since even if it was an incorrect batter, the correct batter would take over the count. 
      I ruled that he had the proper name of the player written even if he had written the wrong number down and therefore he was the proper batter. Is this correct?
      Situation 2
      Runner on 2nd. Runner breaks for 3rd. Pitcher steps and throws to 3rd without disengaging. My partner ruled this a balk. I thought you could step and throw to an unoccupied base for the purposes of making a play without disengaging. What's the correct ruling here? We stuck with his call since I wasn't positive.
      And for a fun way to start, we had to eject a player in the bottom of the 1st inning. R1 got in a rundown between 1st and 2nd on a pickoff. Ended up being tagged around the head/face area and didn't like it but the play was fine. No MC or intent, just a baseball play. I was PU. R1 got in the face of the kid who tagged him. My partner broke them up and warned them both to not say another word. As R1 is going back towards his dugout he yells for the whole park to hear "tell him not to hit me in the f-ing face."  I promptly acknowledged his desire to no longer participate.
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      I love the reaction from a pitcher, as if to say ..."what? what did I do"???
      I also love watching Laz Diaz work