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On this date in history....

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And here's another memorable moment from Rich Garcia's career in the bigs...


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14 hours ago, BrianC14 said:

My favorite part of this was seeing Ventura realize what the heck he was doing, who he was going to try and do it to, come to the conclusion he REALLY didn't want to go out there, but know he was past the point of no return.

Also... wasn't this game on ESPN?

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      WARNING:   Your ears may bleed from Harrelson who's is the biggest homer announcer, ever.   His partner clearly says "that's interference, yep" and Harrelson disagrees and just sounds like (once again) the biggest a-hole there is.........    Jesus Hawk, you played the game forever, and been around it longer, and you still have NO CONCEPT OF THE RULES ...none!  SMH  
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      Thank God Hawk's partner has some sense of knowledge about the rules ....
      I was watching this live as it happened and said, ..."OH that's obstruction! Ventura's gonna get tossed, watch!"