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Always late to work

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So the manager of the local Walmart was having an issue with one of his employees. Tom, his latest greeter just could not seem to get to work on time. Everyday he would wander into the building 10-15 minutes late. Other than this one flaw however Tom was one of the best liked members of the staff; everyone loved the old retired guy. The customers thought he was delightful, the old biddies thought he was a gentleman of the old school and the younger staff thought his stories and experiences he passed on were priceless. Everything about the guy was great, other than just not getting to work on time.

Along comes Tom one morning, 10 minutes late as usual so the manager decided to have a chat with him. Maybe there was something going on at home? Car issues? Meds? No one knew but the manager wanted to get Tom to come in on time...

Tom, you know we all adore you and that you do a great job but there is just one thing which we need to address... I cannot have you coming into work everyday 10-15 minutes late. Before I decide on what action to take however I wanted to chat to see if there was something going on that we need to know about.

Ok was Tom's reply...


So is there something we need to know? Car issues, meds, sick people at home? Anything like that? 

No sir was Tom's reply. Everyone at home is healthy, my car is new and has no issues. 

Tom... I know you have a work background. When you were in your career before retiring and coming to work here at Walmart you kept regular hours, did you not? 

Yes sir again was the reply.

And when working you expected your employees and other co-workers to be on time, did you not?

Again yes Sir...

So I have to ask... when you were in your last position before retiring and you walked into your office 10 minutes late what did your boss have to say?

Well Sir to be honest when at my office my boss was never there.

Thinking that maybe he had hit on something here the manager then asked Tom... well when you came in 10 minutes late what did your co-workers have to say to you?

Well sir... I am a little embarrassed to say.

Tom, please. There is no reason to be embarrassed. I am just curious as to how your co-workers handled you coming into your office late?

Well sir, normally I would walk into my office and my 'co-workers' as you called them would stand up, salute and say "Good morning Admiral. Beautiful day today is it not? Would you like your morning coffee now sir?"


Thus ended the Tom interview :-)

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