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So last evening was the welcome banquet for the PA Intermediate LL state tournament.  A fine chicken and burger BBQ, dump the ump dunk tank (it was tagged as such just to scare the new guys), and a bounce house for siblings was enjoyed by all.  On the drive home, SWMBO tells me of a parent that approached her in light conversation. (SWMBO is a nurse & was wearing "tournament 1st aid" credentials)  We had a few minutes of rain near the end, and that topic came up in discussion.  The parent asked how late they could play if there was a rain delay (Now I've stated previously, that SWMBO has gone through a local LL clinic), and having recently reviewed my copy of the "Tournament Rules Summary" (cheat sheet), she indicated that no new inning could start past 12:30am for this age group. Then she was asked how they would shift games and how early they would start (current weekday schedule has games at 4 & 7 pm). Now SWMBO replied, schedule changes would be at the determination of the tournaments director.  Yet, this parent asks again, worded slightly differently. But you know the staff, How early do you think they would start?  SWMBO said, I would assume that 10am would be the earliest, but that's only my personal opinion.  HOWEVER, what I can tell you for fact, is that I know the umpires. Most are working 1/2 if not full days, and THEN coming to the tournament.  So now matter what time they "want" to start the games, if you don't have umpires, there IS NO game. The parent politely agreed and said..........you're right, I guess it WOULD only be a scrimmage at that point.

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